COFA-Collaborative: Advancing Convergence via LCIDC for Coconut Farmer Empowerment

In a decisive move towards comprehensive progress, COCOFARMCOOP has set its sights on convergence through the Local Coconut Industry Development Council (LCIDC). Guided by RA 11524, an alliance of Fourteen (14) Implementing Agencies has undertaken the mantle of executing the Coconut Farmers Industry Development Plan (CFIDP). This strategic initiative revolves around pivotal objectives, encompassing the augmentation of coconut farmers’ productivity and income, the multifaceted goals of poverty alleviation, education, social equity, and the catalytic rehabilitation and modernization of the coconut farming landscape for heightened productivity. With impactful projects taking root in 2022, an even more ambitious agenda is unfolding this year.

Elevating the essence of inclusive implementation, DILG through Memorandum Circular 2012-67, dated August 12, 2012 calls for the establishment of the Local Coconut Industry Development Council (LCIDC) within the Local Development Council (LDC) of Local Government Units (LGUs). This pivotal framework underscores the fusion of visionary policymaking and grassroots dynamism, poised to fuel a synergistic drive towards sustainable coconut industry growth.

Steering this initiative, the CDA RXIII Extension Office, facilitated the conduct of the CFIDP Stakeholders’ Forum and LCIDC Coordination Meeting last August 7, 2023 at the Grand Monique Lodge Hotel, Tandag City, Surigao del Sur Province. A dynamic tapestry of stakeholders converged, interweaving the aspirations of Coconut Farmers Cooperatives and Organizations with the ever-supportive presence  of Local Government Units (LGUs).

Through spirited deliberations and shared visions, the stakeholders/partners committed to proactively catalyze the creation or revival of their respective LCIDCs. This unified  call for cooperation encapsulates the unwavering truth that the true process of progress is woven through collaboration. As COCOFARMCOOP propels forth with its LCIDC-driven agenda, it charts an inspiring future for coconut farmers, striving in unity towards transformative growth. Truly, nothing beats cooperation. *****