COOPERATIVE MONTH CULMINATION CUM KOOPBALITAAN 2023: “A Resounding Celebration of Cooperation”

The Cooperative Development Authority – Caraga (CDA) and the Butuan City Cooperative Development Office (CCDO) orchestrated an extraordinary event, the Cooperative Month Culmination cum KoopBalitaan 2023, held at the Almont Inland Convention on October 27, 2023. This gathering spotlighted the achievements and collaborative efforts of cooperatives in the region, under the leadership of Regional Director Monatao Honeya R. Alawi and CCDC Chairperson Mr. Junee Lee Mars Nebrada, emphasizing the instrumental role of cooperatives in fostering community growth.

The day’s proceedings commenced with a gracious welcome to the participants, setting the stage for a series of insightful discussions. Acting CRITS Head, Mr. Niño Rosil C. Bantayan, outlined the purpose and scope of Koop-Balitaan Sa CDA, an initiative aimed at promoting the cooperative movement through various media channels, facilitating the exchange of essential information and updates relevant to the cooperative sector’s development.

Regional Director Monatao Honeya R. Alawi, in her address, highlighted the essence of the 7 Cooperative Principles, stressing the values of “Cooperation among Cooperatives” and “Concern for Community.” Her words resonated, setting the tone for a day of reflection and celebration centered on these fundamental cooperative tenets.

Following her speech, Maria Kristina E. Cassion, the Department Head of the City Trade, Industry, and Investment Promotion Office (CTIIPO).Her speech centered on the challenges faced by cooperatives and provided insightful examples from the realm of transportation cooperatives. A standout moment in her address was her strong emphasis on the importance of learning from these challenges to foster growth. In her speech, she stated, “Ang matag sugilanon sa kalampusan maoy inspirasyon kanatong tanan nga aduna gayud kitay kapasidad sa pagkab-ot sa kadaugan kung kita magtinabangay ug magkahiusa.” Her emphasis on unity and cooperation as the key to triumph underscored the cooperative spirit’s enduring significance.

Mr. Niño Rosil Bantayan then presented the diverse range of CDA Programs and Projects in the Caraga region, showcasing the organization’s commitment to fostering cooperative growth. Initiatives such as the Coconut Farmers Organization and Development Through Cooperatives (COCOFARMCOOP), the CDA-PhilMECH Partnership, the Koop Kapatid Program, and the efforts to empower Micro and Small Cooperatives through enhanced training programs demonstrated CDA’s proactive approach to capacity building and community development.

The event culminated with KoopBalitaan, a stimulating interactive session where media partners and member-cooperators engaged in discussions with a panel of  speakers, delving into the core activities and aspirations of the cooperative landscape. The ensuing dialogue shed light on the vital role of cooperatives in community development and economic progress.

An awarding ceremony recognized the contributions of cooperatives in the region, with emphasis on Butuan City cooperatives, highlighting their commitment to community welfare and growth. The day concluded with a collective photo session, encapsulating the spirit of solidarity and collaboration that permeated the event.

The Cooperative Month Culmination cum KoopBalitaan 2023 transcended a mere gathering; it symbolized the celebration of cooperation and community values. It underscored CDA’s enduring commitment to the progress and prosperity of cooperatives in the Caraga region, heralding a promising and interconnected future for Butuan City’s cooperative sector. ********