OH MY, GAD ! . .

What an enlightening and vibrant discussion we had on Gender and Development and Gender Mainstreaming Mandates! It was truly a remarkable experience as we were graced with the presence of an exceptional resource person who delivered the topic with enthusiasm, leaving a smile on the faces of the 37 CDA personnel participants. Leading the event was the dynamic Regional Director, Monatao Honeya R. Alawi. The engaging session took place on June 16, 2023, at the CDA Conference Room in Butuan City.

Mr. Edson B. Alijo, an esteemed Information Officer III/ Technical Adviser on RDC-RGADC, served as the resource person. His passion for the subject matter was evident as he provided a refresher discussion on the Basic Gender and Development Concepts. During the session, he clarified the differentiation between gender and sex, emphasized why the development of women is given priority in GAD topics, and shed light on how gender roles can restrict females from accessing work, achieving independence, and attaining power. He also highlighted the importance of fairness and equity, advocating for equal opportunities for all individuals in society to achieve a fulfilling life (Gender Equity).

A challenge was presented: “Our cooperatives could also have an impact on our gender construction.” This mission will be incorporated into our cooperative orientations. Gender mainstreaming was identified as the strategy, with gender equality as the ultimate goal.

The session was both educational and enjoyable, leaving everyone feeling rejuvenated and well-informed about the significance of Gender and Development and Gender Mainstreaming Mandates.