TASETEMCO Keeps The Fire Burning

By April Rose Georfo, CDS II

It was again a great and glorious year for one of the academe cooperatives in Caraga!

TABON SECONDARY TEACHERS AND EMPLOYEES MULTIPURPOSE COOPERATIVE (TASETEMCO) once again proved that they can keep the fire burning despite the problems brought by covid pandemic. TASETEMCO being an academe cooperative run by educators challenged by the demands of its academic tasks while maintaining the cooperative sustainability and continuity of its operation.

During the height of the pandemic, the community quarantine was imposed  to contain the spread of the virus. Young and elderly individuals were not allowed to go outside, and not to crowd public places,  due to their vulnerability to the said virus. Educational institutions adopted modular and virtual ways of teaching since students were not allowed to be in the school premises. Also, businesses engaged in credit services were encouraged to provide moratorium on loans. TASETEMCO even adversely affected did comply to the protocols and followed orders.

Among its operational line of businesses are the credit and canteen operation. Both were directly affected by the pandemic. The Canteen was temporarily closed since its major patrons are the students and the teachers. The Credit services was slowed down due to delayed collection of loan payments.

/Despite all of these, TASETEMCO sees the “silver-lining” through the dark clouds. With the intent to turn this negative impact to positive opportunity, the cooperative opened new loan windows to address the needs of its members during the pandemic. In spite of the loan moratorium, the cooperative was able to boost members’ trust and appreciation through this immediate action. Hence, most of the members religiously paid their loans and even added more for their capital contributions assuring support and availment of the coop services. Adjusting to the new normal, the cooperative adopted the online platforms to offer their products and services with free delivery mechanism that attracts others to become members of the cooperative.

Aside from establishing the stability of its business operation, the cooperative ensured help for the community on this crisis. TASETEMCO offers free usage of the coop internet to the teachers and employees of the Tabon M. Estrella National High School,  particularly to facilitate their attendance on the series of seminars conducted by the mother agency, DEPED. *******

All positives actions will be rewarded at it says. On November 29, 2021, Tabon Secondary Teachers and Employees Multipurpose Cooperative once again coveted the 2021 Bulawanong Sulo in Caraga. It is a prestigious award given to outstanding individuals and organization with great contribution to the academic sector by the DEPED Caraga. In 2020, TASETEMCO won the title and made it again this year!