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“Empowering Growth: The Success Story of NUFAC and MASA MPC through Koop Kapatid Program”

The story begins in the year 2019 when the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) introduced the Koop Kapatid Program, aiming to foster solidarity among cooperatives. The Nagtipunan Upland Farmers Agricultural Cooperative (NUFAC), a budding agricultural cooperative, found a steadfast ally in Maddela Auto Savings Multi-Purpose Cooperative (MASA MPC), a well-established cooperative with a rich history of community engagement. The partnership was formalized on September 30, 2019, through a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signed by Mr. Angelito Sacro, CDA Regional Director, representing CDA, and Mr. Jun-Jun Tomas, the manager of MASA MPC. NUFAC was identified as the beneficiary cooperative, set to receive invaluable assistance from its partner, MASA MPC.

One of the program’s early successes was witnessed in the cooperative’s outreach efforts. NUFAC, with the support of MASA MPC, launched initiatives to encourage local farmers to avail themselves of their services. Through a series of workshops, training sessions, and community events, NUFAC effectively promoted sustainable farming practices, empowering farmers with knowledge and skills. As the partnership flourished, NUFAC faced a financial challenge in 2021 when additional capital was required to boost their agricultural enterprise. In a commendable display of solidarity, MASA MPC swiftly responded.

The Board of Directors of NUFAC passed a resolution to seek financial support, and MASA MPC, without hesitation, granted a financial assistance amounting to P170,000.00. Remarkably, this contract carried no interest, embodying the cooperative spirit of mutual support. As of 2022, the Nagtipunan Upland Farmers Agricultural Cooperative is a small cooperative with total assets of P6,493,709, comprising a total of 293 members. Moreover, MASA MPC extended its support beyond financial assistance. Recognizing the importance of the Department of Agriculture’s Fertilizer Discount Voucher (FDV) program, MASA MPC played a pivotal role in financing the initiative, contributing a substantial amount of P6,086,470. This collective effort not only strengthened NUFAC’s financial standing but also enhanced their ability to provide essential agricultural resources to the community.

Through the Koop Kapatid Program, NUFAC and MASA MPC exemplify the power of cooperation in fostering sustainable development. NUFAC, once a budding cooperative, has now evolved into a thriving entity, contributing significantly to the agricultural landscape of Nagtipunan. The partnership with MASA MPC serves as a testament to the potential for positive change when cooperatives unite for a common cause.

The Koop Kapatid Program has not only empowered NUFAC but has also paved the way for a brighter and more sustainable future for the entire community, proving that collaborative efforts can indeed yield remarkable results in the realm of cooperative development. In charting its course for long-term sustainability within the Koop Kapatid Program, Nagtipunan Upland Farmers Agricultural Cooperative (NUFAC) envisions a comprehensive strategy that not only strengthens its partnership with MASA Multi-Purpose Cooperative (MASA MPC) but also solidifies its role as a pillar of agricultural and community development in Nagtipunan, Quirino.

  1. Capacity Building and Training Programs:

Implement continuous training programs for NUFAC members, focusing on advanced agricultural techniques, sustainable farming practices, and cooperative management. Collaborate with MASA MPC to organize joint workshops, knowledge-sharing sessions, and skill development programs to empower cooperative members.

  1. Diversification of Agricultural Activities:

Expand the range of agricultural activities to include value-added processes such as agro-processing, organic farming, and the cultivation of high-value crops. Explore avenues for joint ventures with MASA MPC to diversify product offerings and tap into new markets.

  1. Technological Integration:

Invest in agricultural technologies to enhance efficiency, productivity, and traceability in farming practices. Collaborate with MASA MPC to share best practices in adopting innovative technologies, ensuring that both cooperatives stay at the forefront of agricultural advancements.

  1. Financial Sustainability:

Develop a comprehensive financial sustainability plan, including measures to increase revenue streams and reduce operational costs. Explore income-generating projects and partnerships to create a robust financial foundation for NUFAC. 

  1. Community Engagement and Advocacy:

Strengthen ties with the local community through outreach programs, educational campaigns, and collaborative projects that promote sustainable agriculture. Advocate for the benefits of cooperative farming and the Koop Kapatid Program within Nagtipunan and neighboring communities.

By adhering to these long-term plans, NUFAC aims not only to sustain but to thrive within the Koop Kapatid Program. Through strategic collaboration with MASA MPC and a commitment to excellence in agriculture and community development, NUFAC envisions a future where it serves as a model for sustainable cooperative growth and prosperity in Nagtipunan and beyond.