CDA Region II EO

No. 7 Dalan Na Pagayaya corner Pavvurulun, Regional Government Center, Carig Sur, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan


By : Jurela V. Cruz and Leann R. Fontanilla

Anchored on the 6th Cooperative Principle, “Cooperation among Cooperatives,” cooperatives are encouraged to work together to effectively serve their members and strengthen the cooperative movement. This principle makes it clear that it is about unity.

The Cooperative Development Authority (CDA), as the lead government agency on cooperative regulation, founded its initiatives on the implementation of “Koop-Kapatid Program,” a scheme where big brother helps small brother cooperatives to ensure that no one is left behind in the movement.

For the year 2019, the Cooperative Development Authority – Tuguegarao Extension Office was able to forge Memorandum of Agreement among 2 Big Cooperatives and 4 Micro Cooperatives to wit:

1. Maddela Auto Savings MPC Highlanders Farmers Agriculture Cooperative
Mataga – Ay Coffee Growers Producers Cooperative
2. Diffun Saranay Development Cooperative Dibibi Upland Tree Farmers Producers Cooperative
Baguio Village Development Cooperative

Maddela Auto Savings Multipurpose Cooperative thrives in the province of Quirino. This cooperative was able to accommodate two cooperatives in the municipality of Maddela as its small brothers namely, Highlanders Farmers Agriculture Cooperative and Mataga – Ay Coffee Growers Producers Cooperative. Maddela Auto Savings MPC provides assistance to these cooperatives according to their needs. Highlanders Cooperative was provided technical assistance in the formulation of cooperative policies to ensure that there are procedures to be followed in carrying out their operations.  On the other hand, assistance on product marketing was extended to Mataga – Ay Coffee Growers Producers Cooperative.

Still in the province of Quirino, municipality of Diffun, the Diffun Saranay Development Cooperative (DISADECO) is situated. DISADECO is currently assisting two small brothers: Dibibi Upland Tree Farmers Producers Cooperative and Baguio Village Development Cooperative. DISADECO assisted Dibibi Upland Farmers Producers Cooperative in the establishment of coffee processing operation systems and procedure and conducted free training on bookkeeping to the latter’s staff. While assistance on the amendment of the Articles of Cooperation and By Laws was provided to Baguio Village Development Cooperative to reflect changes that would be beneficial to its members and the cooperative as a whole.

Undeniably, cooperatives don’t just serve their own members, they work together intensively and collaboratively to ensure that no one is left behind towards achieving sustainable community development.