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16 February 2024 || The Manila Bulletin to feature the Garden City Multipurpose Cooperative

In a world often dominated by corporate giants and profit-driven enterprises, the emergence of ornamental cooperatives stands as a testament to the power of community, sustainability, and shared vision. These unique entities not only enhance the aesthetic aspect of our community but also serve as hubs for collaboration, creativity, and social connection. The Garden City Multipurpose Cooperative is one of these business and social enterprises.

As one of the reliable newspapers in the country, the Manila Bulletin has maintained its steadfast reputation in provisioning comprehensive and reliable news. Hence, it has been an honor for the Garden City Multipurpose Cooperative to be featured in the said newspaper. On 16 February 2024, Mr. Benjamin Sarondo of the Manila Bulletin visited the Cooperative to conduct an interview and ocular. The history of the Cooperative, its journey towards the improvement of the lives of its members, as well as the challenges and successes of the Cooperative have been shared by the chairperson, Ms. Christia Javier.

At the heart of the Cooperative lies a simple yet profound principle: individuals coming together to cultivate beauty and vitality in their shared spaces. Whether it’s tending to communal gardens, adorning public spaces with colorful murals, or crafting intricate sculptures from recycled materials, members of these cooperatives are united by a common purpose—to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their neighborhoods while fostering a sense of belonging and pride to improve the lives of the members.

Surely, the Manila Bulletin will take its readers to a beautiful, vivid, and blooming journey while reading the article to be released in March of this year.