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29 February 2024 || Consultation Meeting with Region III Human Services Cluster Representatives (HSCR)

The newly appointed Assistant Secretary Vergel M. Hilario and head of the Human Service   Cluster visited CDA Region III Extension and with the initiative of the  Regional Director, Marieta P. Hwang  the  newly appointed Assistant Secretary, acquainted  to Human Services representatives  from the grassroots of Region III, RD Hwang invited HSCRs from different sectors such as Labor Services Cooperative, Health Services Cooperative, and Housing Services Cooperative to have a consultation dialogue with him.

RD Hwang on the preliminaries, introduced the officers of the Region III Human Services Cluster Representative Organization led by President Ricky Jengania. On the other hand, the organizations Strategic Plan for 2023-2027 was presented to the body which will provide concrete plan and positive outcome in the future.

ASEC Hilario as the Head of Human Services, Health, Housing, Workers, and Labor Services Sector shared his expertise in the field. He sighted each Human Services sector present in the region and gave them insights on possible networks in the country. Moreover, he shared good practices of cooperatives from other countries which they can adapt in the future. Furthermore, ASEC Hilario highlighted the importance of Workers Cooperative which is now being developed in the country. So that local farmers, fisherfolks and other entities’ raw materials/ products will be sold to and processed by the Workers Cooperative for direct income and additional income for them since they are the member of the cooperative.

In addition, ASEC Hilario during the consultation dialogue emphasizes the cooperative principle, “Cooperation among Cooperatives”, which cooperatives can sell their products to another cooperative directly so that raw materials/products such as vegetables, fishes and other commodities are not stockpiled and bought in bargain price.

In conclusion, the consultation dialogue of ASEC Hilario opened another opportunity for learning, expansion and improvements to Region III Human Services sectors.

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