CDA Region IV-A EO


Under the New Normal, the Cabuyao Market Vendor’s Multi-Purpose Cooperative (CAMAVEMCO) has encountered challenges while practicing social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Since face-to-face interactions happen on a daily basis between staff, members, stakeholders and clients, COVID-19 virus may spread among those who are in close contact within less than 6 feet especially for a prolonged period. To prevent droplets from sneezing or coughing and to minimize spread, social or physical distancing becomes a routine to maintain safe space between staff and clients. Modification of workplace was also done to ensure the safety of employees.

The cooperative observes precautionary measures, safety and health protocol standards prior to New Normal through daily disinfection procedures and decontamination activities. Aside from daily disinfection, the whole office was disinfected weekly before the close of office hours.  Preventive measures include wearing of face maskand shield, gloves, avoiding touching of face with unwashed hands and frequent washing of hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds or alcohol disinfectant sprays. They also place alcohol stations at the entrance of the office and require employees, members and other clients to disinfect their hands upon entry.

Health check status among employees and client-members was likewise implemented.  Upon entry to the office, the temperature of each individual   are monitored using a thermometer scanner to guarantee that those entering the premises does not have the major symptoms of Covid-19 which is temperature.Logbook was also placed on the entrance for possible contact tracing in case positive cases are detected. (Written by: Ms. Lilian C. Manguera; Reviewed and Edited by: Calabarzon Regional Clearing House)