CDA Region IV-A EO

Graduation Ceremony for the Graduates of Cooperative Development Management Course Level IV

The Cooperative Development Authority (CDA), in its initiative to strengthen the cooperative sector, has established a partnership with the Technical Education & Skills Development Authority (TESDA) under the Cooperative Development and Management Level IV Course.  Last April 29, 2022, the graduation ceremony of Batch 1 trainees was held at Hotel Dominique, Tagaytay City, Cavite.

This 17-day session training program aims to comprehensively capacitate the participants on the knowledge and skills to efficiently and effectively provide services for cooperatives to become an instrument of equity, economic development, and social justice.

A total of nineteen (19) participants satisfactorily completed the course comprising of the personnel of CDA Region IV-A, TESDA Region IV-A, and Cooperative Development Officers from different cities and municipalities in the region.

It was participated by the officials of CDA and TESDA as well as the trainers from CDA Head Office, CDA NCR, and CDA Region IV-A and Cooperative Development Officers.

Ms. Ma. Flordeliza M. Chu, Acting Senior CDS for CRITS of CDA NCR facilitated the said activity. For the opening remarks, CDA Region IV Director Giovanni T. Platero gave his welcome remarks.

A video message of TESDA Secretary Isidro S. Lapeña was also presented. He acknowledged the efforts of CDA and TESDA in the success of this partnership.

CDA Undersecretary Joseph B. Encabo, together with TESDA Director June A. Tamayo, issued the certificates to the graduates. The declaration of graduates was facilitated by Regional Training Center – CALABARZON Administrator, Ms. Dorie U. Gutierrez. The said graduates are the following: Mr. Gener B. Abordo, Ms. Julia A. Amboy, Ms. Elizabeth D. Arago, Ms. Aimee Arellano, Mr. Bernard T. Bukiran, Ms. Princess Anne C. Bulalayao, Ms. Rina Lorraine Z. Cabug, Ms. Michelle B. Casido, Mr. Kervin M. Cometa, Ms. Mylene M. Datingaling, Mr. Roderic V. Garbin, Mr. John Immanuel C. Garcia, Ms. Jocelyn B, Malabanan, Ms. Oliva A. Pacheca, Ms. Hannah Leah V. Panaligan, Mr. Dexter S. Perez, Ms. Danica A. Real, Mr. Azareel A. Sumayaw and Ms. Wendy G. Uy.

Among the graduates, the top-performing learners were recognized. The top 1 is Ms. Olive Pacheca, CDS II of CDA Batangas, for the top 2 Mr. Dexter Perez, CDS II of CDA Cavite, and Ms. Wendy Uy, CDS II of CDA Quezon were given the same rank. It was followed by three more graduates who tied as top 3 which are Ms. Jocelyn B. Malabanan, CDS II of CDA Batangas, Mr. Kervin Cometa, CDS II of CDA-Supervision and Examination Section, and Ms. Julia Amboy, Cooperative Development Officer of Provincial Cooperative Livelihood Enterprise Development Office (PCLEDO) Batangas. As the top 1 best performing learner, Ms. Pacheca gave her testimonial about the program.

Then, the officials from CDA and TESDA gave their inspirational messages. TESDA Regional Director Tamayo mentioned that all of the graduates are not merely graduates but are highly skilled, competent, and goal-oriented graduates. He also said that the mission of TESDA is in line with the quality policy of CDA which is working towards quality-assured services to bring out every Filipino’s excellence, professionalism, integrity, and skills in the world. Director Tamayo highlighted that TESDA is determined to strengthen its mandates, programs and services to establish and serve the new and more clients and partners. A video message of TESDA Secretary Isidro Lapeña was presented during the activity. He congratulated the first batch of graduates and expressed his gratitude for the mutual support of CDA and RTC CALABARZON to ensure the success of the program.

CDA Chairperson Joseph B. Encabo then gave his speech. He reminded that every graduate will have another voyage to take upon graduating the particular endeavor. New challenges await them since they are the competent people who are equipped for the journey. Through this training, he said that the graduates should also exemplify what they have learned through their passion, commitment, dedication, and the teamwork that they are going to take place in their community or office.

He also said: “Remember that a person, as he/she adopts a community, is like a vessel that can contain water and allow that water to shape up with the vessel itself. When you engage to what you have learned and as you cascade it, it is your soul responsibility to interpret in such a way that every individual will be able to understand it and that is now the challenge. If you teach and nobody understands it, you fail. Once a trainer, the best way to learn a topic is to teach it, cause when you teach it, you studied it, that is how you should cull out the things you learn in this training. The moment you have received your certificate, it serves as a reminder that everyone has a responsibility and a role in your society. To all trainers, do not own what you have learned today, bring it out and share it. You have the mandate to your own self that you are ready for any form of challenge. You will serve as the example in your own level and for the next generation and batches to come. You, as the first group, will be the reference of CDA and TESDA so do not be selfish, be open.”

As the program concluded, it was mentioned that the CDM Level IV Course will be implemented nationwide in CDA Regional Offices.