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Productivity through a Collaborative Effort: Skills Training on Bamboo Processing in Rizal Province

The aim for continuous improvement is not a shackle of burden for cooperatives. In fact, it is an endless stimulus, overflowing hope, and a strong and thick wall backing up the Movement. It is not enough reason that an enterprise has reached its actualized vision, because there are plenty of enterprises to engage into. Thinking out of the box, craving for more learning, and seeking opportunities can never be old practices but institutionalized. And this, ladies and gentlemen, were shown and proved recently by three cooperatives in Rizal.

The participants of the training with their finished products

With the initiative of the Rizal Convergence Team, particularly of the DTI and CDA Rizal, a Bamboo Skills Training was conducted last August 30-31, 2022 at TADECO Resort, Munpert Subdivision, Brgy. San Isidro, Taytay, Rizal. The said training benefitted three cooperatives, namely Taytay Development Cooperative, Rizaleño Multipurpose Cooperative, and San Joseph Unified Consumers Cooperative, each coop brought five representatives who have shown enthusiasm in learning and applying their own innovative ideas on crafting bamboo products.

The training was conducted through the collaborative efforts of TADECO which sponsored the bamboo poles used for the training, venue and the accommodation of some participants and facilitators; DTI Rizal which shouldered the resource persons, tools, equipment, and supplies; and the CDA R4A, under the leadership of Regional Director Giovanni T. Platero, which answered for the food of the participants and facilitators during the two-day activity. It is also noteworthy that the DTI Rizal has invited the Cardona MPC to provide for the resource persons of the training since they have the biggest bamboo manufacturing business among the cooperatives in Rizal province. The largest cooperative in Cardona, Rizal has brought Mr. Harry Bartolini and Mr. Jeff San Agustin as bamboo professor and trainer with the coop’s manager, Mr. Jesus Francisco.

Manager Francisco testified that the DTI’s Shared Service Facility (SSF) provision and other government agencies’ intervention, including the LGU of Cardona, contributed to their large and competitive production of bamboo products. He advised the cooperatives to not shy away from proposing projects and assistance to be given by the government because it was one of the key elements of their success.

Ms. Kyle Pascual and Mr. Jason of San Juan of DTI Rizal

The training concentrated on the experience of making bamboo products. Participants were free to make their preferred bamboo crafts. Some made wine holder, cellphone stand, ashtray, and many others. From the two-day training, the participants made bamboo products that they brought home as souvenirs.

The DTI-Rizal Team, headed by Mr. Jason San Juan, Senior Trade and Industry Development Specialist, with Ms. Kyle Pascual, Trade and Industry Development Specialist, also awarded the brand-new tools and equipment that they used during the workshops, such as jigsaw, hand drill, grinder, etc.

The TADECO, being a large cooperative decided not to get any equipment, while the Rizaleño MPC only got one piece of equipment and gave way for the newly registered cooperative, San Joseph Unified Consumers Cooperative to get the rest of the tools, equipment, and supplies which highlighted the strong cooperation among cooperatives in the province of Rizal.