CDA Region IV-A EO


Through the close coordination of the PCDS of Batangas Province, Ms. Oliva Pacheca as spearheaded by the Cooperative Project and Development Assistance Section (CPDAS) and eager participation of the Tanauan City Cooperatives and Livelihood Development Office (CCLDO) DepartmentHead, Ms. Teresita May R. Fidelino, a fruitful plan on the CDA’s Koop Kapatid Program was implemented.

On a virtual meeting held last September 21, 2020, the CDA, with Assistant Regional Director Ms. Bernadette Hornilla and Sr. CDS of Registration Section Ms. Evelyn De Los Reyes and the Tanauan CCLDO moved along further on planning and implementing the Koop Kapatid in Tanauan City.

The highlights of the discussion were the duties/responsibilities of the Big Koop Kapatid as well as the actions/tasks to be undertaken by the Small KoopKapatid as a program beneficiary. Ms. Fidelino was also eager about the role of the CCLDO on the program implementation which was harmonized during the meeting. The contents of the MOA were discussed by Senior CDS for CPDAS RomelMabilangan which further shed light on some gray areas. Ms. Fidelino requested to insert the CCLDO’s duties/responsibilities and functions on the MOA for Koop Kapatidwhich will become one of the extended services of their office to the Operating cooperatives in the City of Tanauan.

On October 22, 2020, as part of the Cooperative Month Celebration in TanauanCity with the theme, “Cooperatives Amidst the Pandemic Stand for Resiliency Strive for Sustainability,” a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) Signing Ceremony for the Koop Kapatid Program of the CDA CALABARZON was done at the Conference Hall of the CCLDO. Along with Mr. Mabilangan and Ms. Pacheca, Dir. Salvador Valeroso enthusiastically graced the event.Also present is one of the guests in the person ofHon. Angel C. Burgos, City Councilor of Tanauan. And of course, the parties were in the event: Malaking Pulo Water Service Cooperative, as Big Koop Kapatid, represented by its Chairperson Mr. Delfin Tenorio and the Janopol Water Service Cooperative, as Small Koop Kapatid, represented by its Chairperson Mr. Isidro Lizardo.

In his message, Dir. Salvador Valeroso gave emphasis on the mandate of the CDA that is – to promote the viability and growth of cooperatives as instruments of equity, social justice and economic development. He also highlighted the duties and responsibilities of the Big Koop Kapatid, on how their role can really have a big impact to the Small Koop Kapatid under their wings to achieve the purpose. Hon. Angel Burgos also shared his journey as a cooperative member and how their cooperative faced the inevitable hurdles of reality. He emphasized that if a member of a cooperative knows his/her obligations/duties and responsibilities, nothing is impossible for the continuous growth of a cooperative.

Overall, it was very timely that in these trying times, amidst the pandemic, two cooperatives found each other to workin unison for a common goal. With the aid of the CDA CALABARZON,City Cooperatives and Livelihood Development Office (CCLDO)and the Tanauan City Coop Development Council, this will show the ‘public’ or those watching from afar that the cooperatives are standing for resiliency and striving for sustainability.