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Bridging Dreams: The Cooperatives Caravan Empowers Coconut Farmers in MIMAROPA

August 23, 2023, Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro. First Day of Cooperatives Caravan – Providing Technical Assistance to Coconut Farmers Once upon a sunny day in the beautiful province of Occidental Mindoro, a vibrant event known as the Cooperatives Caravan unfolded, spreading hope and knowledge among the hardworking coconut farmers. The Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) MIMAROPA Region took the initiative to organize this special gathering, determined to provide technical assistance The Cooperatives Serbisyo Caravan initiated by the Occidental Mindoro CDS Mr. Reyzard D. Oliveros to set up its activity inside the conference hall of the Sablayan Market Vendors Multipurpose Cooperative (SAMVEMCO), welcoming all coconut farmers from the province.

The Caravan’s primary focus was to support the farmers in their amendment, training assistance, and liquidation processes concerning the Financial Grant provided by the CDA. A team of passionate experts, consisting of Training Specialists specialist, Registration Specialists, and cooperative development officer, eagerly awaited the arrival of the farmers to offer their guidance. As the farmers arrived one by one, their faces lit up with anticipation. They brought along their questions, concerns, and documents, eager to receive the much-needed assistance. The Caravan had set up various stations, each dedicated to a specific aspect of support. At the Amendment Station, the registration staff headed by the Acting Supervising CDS Ms. Lilia S. Buela and Ms. Edarlyn F. Madali, CDS II, patiently guided the farmers through the process of updating their cooperative’s information, ensuring compliance and accuracy. They addressed any queries, helping the farmers understand the importance of accurate records for smooth operations and future advancements. The Training Assistance Station headed by the Senior CDS of CRITS Ms. Eva Loraine R. Cataje, buzzed with energy as farmers engaged in interactive sessions and workshops. Ms. Cataje shared their wisdom on topics such as value-added product development and financial liquidation concerns. The farmers soaked up every bit of knowledge, eager to implement these strategies to further enhance their coconut farming businesses. Meanwhile, the Liquidation Station provided a calming environment where farmers could seek guidance on proper financial management and the liquidation process.

The CDA MIMAROPA Staff skillfully analyzed the farmers’ financial records, offering practical advice and ensuring that the resources provided by the CDA were utilized effectively for the farmers’ benefit. Throughout the day, the Cooperatives Caravan forged strong bonds between the farmers and the CDA, fostering a sense of community and collaboration. The exchange of experiences, stories, and aspirations created an atmosphere of camaraderie, empowering the farmers to overcome challenges together.

The MOA signing for the TOT and OJT program with the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) was followed up on in the afternoon. It came to symbolize the university’s commitment to turning forth graduates who are prepared for the workforce. It reinforced the ties between SUC and the Agency, forging a mutually beneficial partnership that boosted both the development of the participating organizations and the employment prospects of the students.

In the end, the success of this collaboration was not only measured by the skills and knowledge acquired by the students but also by the lasting partnerships that were formed. It was a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to excellence in education.
And so, with the follow-up on the MOA signing, the university and its OJT partners continued their journey towards transforming the lives of students, bridging the gap between theory and practice, and creating a workforce that is equipped to meet the challenges of the ever-evolving professional landscape.

It is almost dark, the Cooperatives Caravan concluded with a heartfelt closing ceremony. The farmers departed with newfound knowledge, renewed enthusiasm, and a sense of gratitude for the invaluable support they received. The Cooperative Development Authority’s commitment to the farmers’ success shone brightly, leaving a lasting impact on the region’s cooperative community.
In the end, the story of the Cooperatives Caravan and its mission to provide technical assistance to coconut farmers in MIMAROPA Region became a beacon of hope, resilience, and progress. The journey continues, as the farmers now embark on their path towards a brighter and more prosperous future, fueled by the knowledge and support gained from this memorable event.

August 24, 2023. The Caravan’s Second Day Unveils Simultaneous Events in San Jose and Mamburao. As the sun rose on a new day, the Cooperatives Caravan continued its mission of providing technical assistance to coconut farmers, spreading its wings of knowledge and support even further. On this exciting second day, the Caravan expanded its reach, orchestrating two simultaneous events, one in San Jose and the other in Mamburao, both in the stunning province of Occidental Mindoro. In San Jose, the Caravan set up in the CDA Field Office. The farmers, eager to connect, gathered, ready to embrace the opportunities that awaited them. Meanwhile, in Mamburao, a picturesque coastal town, the second Caravan event unfolded near the shimmering shores beside the Kanluran Market at KAVEN MPC Office. The ccoperatives were greeted by gentle sea breezes, lending a tranquil backdrop to the bustling event. At both events, the Caravan’s dedicated team from CDA MIMAROPA worked tirelessly to provide technical assistance to the farmers. The stations at each location mirrored one another, ensuring that the valuable knowledge and support were accessible to all.

The farmers were able to gain a deeper understanding of the liquidation process, ensuring the sustainability of their businesses and paving the way for future growth. Throughout the day, connections were forged, stories were shared, and dreams were nurtured. The simultaneous events in San Jose and Mamburao created a strong sense of unity among the farmers and brought the communities together in a spirit of collaboration and mutual support.As the sun began its descent, the Caravan events concluded with a triumphant closing ceremony in each location. Farmers departed with their hearts filled with inspiration, armed with a toolkit of knowledge and newfound connections. The Caravan’s impact had reached further, empowering even more farmers to strive for excellence in their coconut farming practices. The second day of the Caravan was a testament to the dedication and vision of the Cooperative Development Authority and its commitment to the well-being of coconut farmers in the MIMAROPA region. With simultaneous events in San Jose and Mamburao, the Caravan’s reach expanded, leaving an indelible mark on the lives and livelihoods of the farmers. And so, as the sun set on this eventful day, the Caravan’s journey continued, moving forward with unwavering determination and passion, ready to embrace new opportunities and touch the lives of even more farmers in the days to come.