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CFIDP Consultation Meeting in Marinduque Paves the Way for Cooperative Federation Formation

Torrijos, Marinduque – In a remarkable display of unity and shared goals, thirteen cooperatives gathered for the Coconut Farmers Industry Development Plan (CFIDP) Consultation Meeting held on May 31, 2023, at the MDRRM Hall in Poblacion, Torrijos, Marinduque. The event, facilitated by esteemed individuals in the cooperative sector, marked a significant milestone in the advancement of the local coconut farming industry.

The CFIDP Consultation Meeting brought together representatives from 13 cooperatives, all of whom had been beneficiaries of the CFIDP Financial Assistance during the 2022 implementation. The meeting was expertly coordinated by Cristian B. De Ade, CDS II for Marinduque Field Office, Eva Loraine R. Cataje, Senior CDS for Cooperative Research, Information and Training Section (CRITS), and Jefhtee R. Panganiban, Senior CDS for Cooperative Project Development and Assistance Section (CPDAS). The event also received valuable assistance from Ms. Alpha A. Gutierrez, MCDO Designate of Torrijos.

During the meeting, Cristian B. De Ade provided an update on the status of project implementation using the financial assistance received. Jefhtee R. Panganiban addressed the requirements and processes for the liquidation of financial grants, meticulously going through each document that needed to be submitted.

Driven by their common objective of strengthening the coconut industry and supporting fellow coconut farmers, the cooperatives expressed their desire to establish a federation. Recognizing the benefits of collaboration and mutual assistance, they unanimously agreed to pursue the formation of a cooperative federation. To formalize this decision, Eva Loraine R. Cataje presented MC 2020-24 | Guidelines Governing the Registration and Operation of Federations of Cooperative. The guidelines provided a framework for the cooperative federation’s registration and operation, ensuring transparency, accountability, and efficient governance.

To initiate the formation of the cooperative federation, an election of interim officers of the proposed Marinduque Federation of Coconut Farmers’ Cooperative was conducted through a secret ballot. The cooperatives actively participated in the democratic process, ensuring equal representation and fair leadership selection.

The successful conduct of the CFIDP Consultation Meeting showcases the cooperatives’ commitment to collective progress and sustainable development. By fostering collaboration, sharing knowledge, and pooling resources, they aim to uplift the lives of coconut farmers in Marinduque and create a thriving coconut industry. As the cooperative federation takes its formative steps, the interim officers and member cooperatives look forward to the support and engagement of various stakeholders, government agencies, and the wider community. Together, they strive to create a robust and inclusive cooperative ecosystem that empowers coconut farmers and contributes to the overall growth of Marinduque. #