CDA Region IV-B EO

Harmony Restored: Atty. Richard E. Ilagan’s Mediation Journey in the Cooperative

One fateful day, Atty. Ilagan received a communication letter from a certain cooperative (we’d rather not reveal the name of the cooperative). The cooperative was experiencing internal tension, with disagreements erupting among its officers. Atty. understood the severity of the case. Atty. Ilagan wasted no amount of time in reaching out to the two parties.

Atty. Ilagan recognized that open discourse and effective communication were critical to settling the problem. Atty. Ilagan presented a structured mediation procedure. He urged the officers to participate in facilitated discussions in which they could express views in a respectful and constructive way.

And the day for the dialogue has arrived (January 23, 2024), Atty. Ilagan was met with a tense environment. The cooperative’s board of directors and officials were having heated arguments, with each side vehemently defending their beliefs. Atty. recognized the necessity for prompt intervention. So, he took control of the situation.
With his calm demeanor and reassuring presence, Atty. Ilagan began by listening attentively to the concerns of each officer. He patiently heard their grievances, allowing them to express their frustrations and aspirations. As the officers voiced their opinions, Atty. Ilagan keenly observed their underlying interests and motivations.
Over the mediation session, Atty. Ilagan skillfully guided the officers through difficult conversation. He ensured that everyone had an equal opportunity to speak and be heard, fostering an environment of trust and understanding. Through his expertise and impartiality, he helped the officers navigate their differences and find common ground.

As the mediation progressed, Atty. Ilagan uncovered deep-rooted issues within the cooperative. Lack of transparency and miscommunication had fueled mistrust among the officers. With his guidance, the officers began to recognize the importance of transparency and effective communication in running a cooperative successfully.
Atty. Ilagan facilitated discussion on implementing mechanisms for improved leadership among the officers. He emphasized the significance of collaboration and unity, reminding them of the cooperative’s overarching goals and the impact of their collective actions on the cooperative’s members.

As the hours of the day goes, and the mediation process continued. Atty. Ilagan’s unwavering dedication and commitment to resolving the conflict began to yield positive results. The officers of this certain cooperative started to rebuild trust and develop a newfound respect for one another.
Eventually, after the mediation session, the officers of this cooperative reached a consensus. They agreed to put aside their differences and work together harmoniously for the betterment of the cooperative and its members. Atty. Ilagan’s guidance and support had played a pivotal role in this transformation.
Atty. Richard E. Ilagan’s dedication to mediation and his unwavering commitment to fostering unity among cooperative officers left an indelible mark on the MIMAROPA region. Through his efforts, he not only resolved conflicts but also strengthened the cooperative movement, ensuring that cooperatives thrived and served their members effectively.