CDA Region IV-B EO


During the meeting, the CDA MIMAROPA Acting Senior CDS for Credit Surety Fund and Palawan CSF had a fruitful discussion with the Municipal Administrator, representing the Sofronio Española mayor, and the Board of Directors of Sofronio Española Employees MPC (SEEMCO). The main focus of the meeting was to address the challenges faced by the cooperative and devise effective strategies to expedite the registration process of Palawan CSF with the CDA before November 15, 2023.

The participants engaged in a productive exchanges of ideas, sharing insights and expertise to help overcome the obstacles hindering the CSF Coop registration process. They brainstormed innovative solutions and explored various approaches to ensure a smooth and timely completion of the registration requirements.

The CDA representative provided valuable guidance and assistance, leveraging the expertise in the field of Credit Surety Fund. She offered practical advice and outlined the necessary steps to be taken to meet the registration deadline. The Administrator expressed their commitment to support the cooperative in order to facilitate and speed up the registration process.

By the end of the meeting, the participants had developed a comprehensive action plan, outlining specific tasks and timelines. They agreed to work collaboratively, utilizing their respective resources and expertise to overcome the challenges faced by the cooperative. The CDA representative assured the participants of her continued support and guidance throughout the registration process.

Overall, the meeting was highly productive, as it provided a platform for open dialogue and effective problem-solving. The participants left with a renewed sense of determination and optimism, confident in their ability to resolve the challenges and successfully register Palawan CSF with the CDA before the specified deadline.