CDA Region IV-B EO


In the event of the Target Setting if the CDA MIMAROPA, the legal officer, Atty Richard Ilagan found himself faced with an important task. Having recently returned from a budget forum in Davao City, where he had participated, Atty Richard was determined to share the valuable insights he had gained with his fellow employees at the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) MIMAROPA.

It was a crisp day as Atty Richard stood in front of the eager staff in the CDA MIMAROPA regional office room. The room was filled with excited whispers and anticipation, as everyone knew that Atty Richard’s presentation on risk and opportunity assessment would be a game-changer for the region.

As Atty Richard’s presentation began, his voice echoed through the room, capturing the attention of every employee, from the newest recruits to the seasoned veterans. He started by recounting his experience at the budget forum, where he had engaged in enlightening discussions with experts and fellow legal officers and accountants from all over the country. His words conveyed the gravity of the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead for the staff in the CDA MIMAROPA.

With each word, Atty Richard’s passion for each employees and his commitment to their growth became more evident. He explained the importance of conducting a comprehensive risk and opportunity assessment to identify potential pitfalls and areas for growth in processes and practices. The room fell silent as everyone soaked in the wisdom being shared.

Atty Richard’s presentation was not just a monotonous recitation of facts and figures; it was a lively and interactive session. He encouraged the employees to actively participate, delivering wisdomfull ice breaker and inviting everyone to participate. The room buzzed with excitement as employees eagerly shared their thoughts, sparking engaging discussions and generating innovative ideas.

As the presentation progressed, Atty Richard’s words reverberated through the room, leaving a lasting impact on everyone present. He emphasized the need for collaboration, highlighting how each sections could learn from each other’s successes and failures. Through his presentation, Atty Richard painted a vivid picture of the potential that lay untapped within the sections.

By the end of the presentation, the employees of CDA MIMAROPA were inspired and motivated like never before. Atty Richard’s echoing words had ignited a fire within them, fueling their determination to take risks, seize opportunities, and make a difference in their respective sections.

The echoes of Atty Richard’s presentation will continue to resonate throughout the region. The section heads, CDSs and Admin, inspired by what they had heard, they pledge to implement the principles and strategies shared by Atty Richard.

The presentation had a profound and lasting impact to the employees of CDA MIMAROPA. Atty Richard’s dedication to the cause and his ability to impart knowledge in a captivating manner had transformed the way the staff approached risk and opportunity assessment. The region manifest the they will become a shining example of successful practices, attracting attention and admiration from other regions.