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Rising from the Ashes: BALITA MPC’s Inspiring Story of Resilience and Transformation



Bayanihan Linis Tanim Multi-Purpose Cooperative (BALITA MPC)
Barangay Antipolo, Gasan, Marinduque

Rising from the Ashes: BALITA MPC’s Inspiring Story of Resilience and Transformation

Bayanihan Linis Tanim Multi-Purpose Cooperative (BALITA MPC) was a vibrant cooperative of 97 coconut farmers in Barangay Antipolo, Gasan, Marinduque. They achieved several triumphs in their operations over the past 21 years, but they had also faced numerous hurdles along the road. The pandemic and natural disasters that struck the country wreaked havoc on their Agri-Vet Store, Coco Coir Production, and Copra Trading, which were their businesses and sources of income. Poor decision-making and resource mismanagement, particularly in the financial realm, exacerbated their problems. The Agri-Vet Store became worse due to a lack of investment and eventually closed. Furthermore, all of their documents required to continue operations had already expired and been lost.

The cooperative was going through a difficult and bleak period. But the remaining members, who refused to give up, realized they had no choice but to take matters into their own hands. They reformed their cooperative, electing new officials and revising their policies, rules, and regulations. They worked extensively to update their documentation and were adamant about getting their company back on track.

The Coconut Farmers Industry Development Plan (CFIDP), a program launched by RA 11524 known as the “Coconut Farmers and Industry Trust Fund Act,” provided a ray of hope. The Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) launched this program in collaboration with other implementing organizations, including the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA). They completed the requirements required for financial aid with the help of the CDA. The cooperative received a 250,000 peso grant, which they used to further develop its Coco Coir Production and Copra Trading operations. With this financial assistance, they were able to gradually emerge from the ashes and reestablish their business activities.

The cooperative was able to provide livelihoods to their members by directly employing them in their Coco Coir Production with the help of a grant and technical assistance. They supplied their products to DTI partner entrepreneurs and other private businesses, ensuring a consistent source of revenue for their farmers. its Copra Trading company also assisted its members in selling their copra at competitive prices, relieving them of the stress of finding customers.

“Bilang Chairman ng Bayanihan Linis Tanim Multi-Purpose Cooperative, kasama ang lahat ng aming miyembro ay nagpapasalamat sa Cooperative Development Authority at Philippine Coconut Authority sa ibinigay na pondo upang mas mapalago at mapalawak ng aming kabuhayan.  Malaking tulong ito sa amin bilang magsasaka ng niyog gayundin sa aming pamayanan.” said Ms. Jennifer Montiel.

The road to recovery was not easy, but the members of BALITA MPC demonstrated that everything is possible with determination and hard effort. Their trajectory serves as an inspiration to everyone, telling us that we can rise from the ashes and achieve greatness even in the face of calamity.