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CDA – NIA binds towards the conversion of Irrigators Association (IAs) to Cooperatives


NAGA CITY– The Cooperative Development Authority Region 5 through the initiative of Cooperative Project Development Assistance Section (CPDAS) headed by the Senior CDS, Engr. Zaldy G. Bermejo had a coordination meeting with the National Irrigation Administration Region V (NIA Region 5) regarding the possible intervening functions of both agencies in support the National Food Security Convergence Program.

The NIA Region 5 Institutional Development Chief, Ms. Marilou Oatemar, discussed their FY 2023 plans and upcoming activities which can be an avenue of a more collaborative discussions that will result to benefitting and realization of ideals to the both agencies with regards to the convergence of Irrigators Association (IAs) to Agricultural Cooperatives. She also cited the importance of this partnership given that the CDA is the government’s organizing arm, promoting the viability and growth of cooperatives as well as farmer associations.

The technical assistance and other programs and projects in collaboration with other partner agencies under the CDA-CPDAS was further discussed by Engr. Zaldy G. Bermejo. He reiterates that the coordination was very timely and in accordance with the Presidential Directive No. PBBM-2023-355, which give emphasis to the conversion of farmer associations to Agricultural Cooperatives and tapping NIA as the administrator of IAs that in the long run can contribute to the promotion of the local economy through the organization and empowerment of these IAs. Engr. Bermejo also said that key members of the IAs would be better leaders if the cooperative’s principles are inculcated to their minds through the conduct of series of trainings and technical assistance to be given by the authority.

NIA Region 5 Acting Regional Manager, Engr. Roberto J. Dela Cruz, talked over that with this partnership, he is expecting of “quality over quantity”, that he is looking forward for the improvement of IAs turned cooperatives into successful entity, whether it comes to their business or organizational development. He also added that the original legal personality of these entity as IAs can exist harmoniously being it converted to cooperatives provided that the rules and regulations are being complied with their separate accounts on the both agencies.

Having it concluded on the morning of June 6, 2023, both parties have their fruitful exchange of ideas. Nonetheless, these initiating bind of CDA Region 5 & NIA Region 5 for FY 2023 would result to meaningful accomplishments for the Irrigators Associations that are yet to be cooperatives.