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Ceremonial Awarding of the Registration Certificate to the Province of Camarines Norte Credit Surety Fund Cooperative

Empowering Cooperatives and MSME Members: Bridging Success through the Credit Surety Fund (CSF) Program in the Province of Camarines Norte. Last February 27, 2024, a momentous event unfolded as the registration certificate was handed over to the Province of Camarines Norte CSF Cooperative. This marked the establishment of the second CSF Cooperative in the Bicol Region. Notably, it is the first to be exclusively organized by the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) under the provisions of the CSF Act of 2015. The presentation of the award was coupled with acknowledgment for the dedicated efforts of all the members and stakeholders involved in the cooperative’s establishment.


The centerpiece of the event was the ceremonial turnover itself, where the registration document was handed over by Atty. Emilio D. Escueta III, Acting Regional Director of CDA R5, and Ms. Lady Lorebeh S. Bernal, CDS I of the CSF Section to Governor Ricarte R. Padilla and the members of the CSF Cooperative. The act symbolized the success of the agency in organizing and registering this special type of cooperative and the continuity of the LGU’s efforts and its dedication to serving the cooperatives and the community.

Beyond the possible tangible benefits, the awarding holds immense symbolic value. It serves as a testament to LGU Camarines Norte’s commitment to participate and contribute towards the success of the cooperatives and member MSMEs. For the member cooperatives, this certificate becomes an indicator of trust, improves the members’ profile, and brings forth promising opportunities as a certified and recognized entity.

This significant gathering also served as a platform for aligning the collective efforts of the members, leaders, and stakeholders, pursuant to the provisions of the law governing the CSF Program. Both leaders, Atty. Escueta and Governor Padilla, conveyed their commitment and support to the cooperative’s plans and the great prospects that lie ahead. The empowerment of the “Province of Camarines Norte CSF Cooperative” through the registration certificate marks the beginning of its formalized journey, providing it with the tools and recognition needed to navigate legal landscapes, foster trust among stakeholders, and truly thrive as a cohesive and empowered entity within the larger socio-economic ground.

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