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Author/Contributor: Gubat St. Anthony Cooperative (GSAC)

It is critical now more than ever to put in place a tangible plan to improve the cooperatives sector in Sorsogon Province. This aids the continued operation of each business, allowing them to continue offering their respective services and products. All local coops are being encouraged to adopt this viewpoint thanks to the work of the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA).

The Gubat St. Anthony Cooperative was originally designated as a “Big Brother” cooperative, one of several that would provide smaller cooperatives with the help and resources they needed to thrive. Since the GSAC is up to the task, it has taken in five “Small Brothers” in the form of the St. John Development Cooperative (SJDC), the Samahan ng Maliliit na Mangingisda ng Muntopar (SAMAMAMU), the Sta. Cruz Development Cooperative (SCDECO), the Bangate Multipurpose Cooperative (BAMUCO), and the Maharlika Development Cooperative (MDC) (MADECO).

All the Small Brothers got together with the GSAC Team led by BOD Chairman Rene B. Hermo to discuss their operational concerns and issues before the GSAC Team organized accurate and suitable interventions per coop. Effectiveness and feasibility of the formulated “strategic map and direction” in light of the assessed needs of the coop will be assessed at a later date. Right now, these Small Brothers are in the midst of an intervention, and it will take them months, if not years, to reach their final goal of revitalizing and strengthening their organization.

Each of these Small Brothers has had their worlds and dreams re-opened thanks to the Koop Kapatid Program. This may seem like an overly strict process, but both the coop and the CDA are hoping that in the long run, these Small Brothers will grow up to be Big Brothers who can help not only their own coop, but others in the community as well.