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Micro cooperative operates store, releases loans during lockdown

The Paracale Municipal Employees and Community Multipurpose Cooperative (PAMECOMPC) opened its office and store during the lockdown by adopting recommended necessary precautionary measures so members as well as the residents can be served of their basic needs while every one remained safe from contracting pathogens.

The financial needs of members were served thru regular releases of loans. To keep lending business rolling, the coop’s cash flow also remained fluid by members giving scheduled repayments at the office. With ample stocks of basic life necessities, its consumer store continued selling to members and other customers.  It also gave two (2) kilos of camote to members. This root crop is very nutritious and provides additional calories to the staple diet of rice. Camote can be cooked in various ways and can be eaten alone or in combination with other food and drinks.


ODP /MIS Naga 30-042020