CDA Region VI EO

Integrated Barangays of Numancia Multi-Purpose Cooperative (IBON MPC) –“People Helping People”

Along the years, IBON MPC has shown exemplary in the field of service delivery to the members and the community. Amidst COVID-19 pandemic (March 2020 to present), IBON MPC never step back but rather moved forward to reach out and deliver services, conducted programs and activities to show the world that COOPERATIVE is resilient and true to its universal principle “People Helping People”.

When COVID-19 has been unbridled worldwide, it claimed lives, threatened and affected many which include the vulnerable sector… the agri-fishery and coop sectors. Government and private institutions took its part in extending help and aid to the men and women in frontline services to combat COVID-19. As the calling ignites, the IBON MPC also made efforts to be the backliners and frontliners of the government and the society in general.READ MORE