KOOP KAPATID PROGRAM REAP what you SOW: The VADCO’s Dairy Dream Success Story

     Valencia Dairy Cooperative (VADCO) stands proudly as a registered entity under the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA), having achieved this status on September 7, 2011. With its primary address situated at the DA Building in South Poblacion, Valencia, Negros Oriental, VADCO has made remarkable strides in the dairy industry.

     Comprising 56 dedicated farmer members, VADCO currently manages a total of 105 dairy cattle, with 26 of them actively contributing to the daily production of 146 liters of milk. Their core activities encompass both the production of raw milk and the transformation of this resource into a diverse range of dairy products. These products include, but are not limited to, milk bars, flavored pasteurized milk, yogurt, and plain pasteurized milk for school-based milk feeding programs.

     Under the Koop Kapatid Program, VADCO has successfully leveraged the soft loan program offered by PHCCI, payable over a span of 2 years without incurring any interest. The cooperative has also been the recipient of a generous donation, which included a complete desktop computer set and essential electrical supplies that have significantly improved their operational efficiency. Through the invaluable contributions and initiatives of Big Brother PHCCI, VADCO has not only sustained its day-to-day operations but has also acquired the necessary capital to procure an additional delivery truck for its milk feeding program, serving various destinations throughout the province. The enduring partnership between VADCO and PHCCI under the Koop Kapatid Program continues to evolve and thrive.

     In a momentous event that marked the pinnacle of their achievements, VADCO was bestowed with the prestigious Grand Winner award of the TIMBAYAYONG Award 2023. The ceremony took place at the Plenary Hall of the Negros Oriental Convention Center, nestled in the heart of Capitol Area, Dumaguete City, on August 4, 2023. This incredible recognition firmly establishes VADCO as a true champion of unity, empathy, and collaboration. Their remarkable journey serves as an inspiration, reminding us all, that together, we possess the potential to be catalysts of change, drivers of progress, and architects of a brighter tomorrow. Let this inspiring story ignite the flames of hope and empower us to make a positive and lasting impact on our communities and our beloved country.