Request for Proposal

 The Cooperative Development Authority – Cebu Extension Office, through its Bids and Awards Committee (BAC), hereby invites all interested suppliers to submit their proposals for the Procurement of Electronic Document and Tracking Management Information System (EDTMIS) and Supply and Delivery of its Software and Hardware Digitization Project/Digitization of Registration Documents.

Procuring Entity Cooperative Development Authority-Cebu Extension Office
Name of Project Procurement of Electronic Document and Tracking Management Information System (EDTMIS) and Supply and Delivery of its Software and Hardware Digitization Project/Digitization of Registration Documents
Classification Goods and Services
Category Information Technology
Approved Budget for the contract (ABC) Php500,000.00
Delivery period Ninety (90) days from Notice of Award
Mode of Procurement Negotiated Procurement – Small Value Procurement (Sec 53.9)

 I. Project Description

Conversion of more or less three thousand (3000) Folders of Registration Documents into electronic files using a scanning equipment and server computer and developing a system of sorting, indexing, storage, analysis and retrieval of the same in an external drive preferably with cloud backup/1 lot Digitization of Registration Documents.

II. Terms of Reference:

1Sorting and Grooming of existing Registration Documents – includes ocular verification of paper documents to enhance the speed and reduce breakdowns during the scanning process. Maximum of five (5) persons at time due to limited space. Contractor should cause the validation of the documents before scanning to assure correct sequence.

2. Scanning and conversion into digital format – converts the paper documents to digital files in PDF or TIFF format using hi-end scanning machines with varying speed depending on the volume of documents being scanned should be batched per the cooperative’s registration and amendment details for easy retrieval of file, instead of the continues scanning of record in one file resulting to slow retrieval. This project is initially for registration documents but system should allow additional documents to be added such as reports and dissolution documents after the completion of the project for registration.

3. Indexing of Digital Images – ensures that needed information to be extracted from each document are usable and accurate. This may include encoding, a process necessary for information that cannot be extracted through Optical Character Recognition, such as handwritten fields. Provides a user interface for searching and viewing of documents. Name of Cooperative, Registration Number and CIN should be included in the specification. Separate file on each amendment. Include a window/tab (other options) for mandatory reports and change of status. Series of amendment should be shown.

4. Storage – internal and external hard disk drive. With cloud backup is preferred.

5. System Analysis – shall include ability to generate outputs such as Certified True Copy, history of updating, etc.

6. Archiving of Hard Copies – scanned hard copies shall be refiled by the Contractor to the designated storage room/s. Returned inside the corresponding folders and original storage area.


1. Document Management Systemwith cloud option and mobile application for documents retrieval and with User Training of CDA Personnel as to operation and troubleshooting


1.Conduct key user training

2.Facilitate end user training

3.Define authorization roles

4.Prepare data migration plan

5.Plan help desk

 Final Go Live

1.Perform system administrative activities

2.Finalize cut over plan schedule

3.Deliverables sign-off from customer project management

4.Dry run cut over process

5.System user readiness check

6.Help desk support

7. Project completion sign-of

2. Manpower services -Provision of manpower at Eight (8) Hours a day

3. IT infrastructure – Provision of scanner and printer on office premises

4. Duration –Ninety (90) days

5. Scanning Equipment – Industrial Scanner with speed of at least 50 pages per minute with Black Laser Printer and Photocopier

6. Computer Server – minimum of 7 cores processor, 8 GB DDR4 Memory, 2TB internal HDD, 2GB Independent Graphics Card, 6000 watts PSU, 10/100 Mbps LAN, 24” LED Monitor, Licensed Windows Server with latest versions

7.After sales tech support – system perpetual maintenance and hardware one-year warranty on parts and service

General Conditions:

  • All quotations/proposals must be typewritten in the company’s letterhead.
  • The PhilGEPS Registration Certificate/Number, Mayor’s or Business Permit, Income or Business Tax Return and Omnibus Sworn Statement shall be attached to the quotation/proposal.
  • The prospective bidders may submit an offer that provides for superior and/or better terms and conditions at no extra cost to the CDA Cebu Extension Office.
  • All transactions are subject to withholding of appropriate taxes and fees.
  • Payment shall be subject to deduction of applicable taxes.
  • All quotations shall be considered as fixed prices and are, therefore, not subject to price escalation during contract implementation.

For further inquiries, please coordinate with CDA Cebu Extension Office BAC Secretariat Mr. Saldy E. Balate thru cellphone number 0906-782-6899 and Mr. Carmelo C. Cabete thru telephone number (032) 263-5425 or 0910-819-6405. The quotation/proposal together with the legal documents may be submitted through emailat [email protected],whichmust be encrypted with password/password protected or a sealed bid may be delivered to the following address:

Bids and Awards Committee

Cooperative Development Authority – Cebu Extension Office

2nd Floor Cooperative of Cebu Building, M. Velez St., Guadalupe, Cebu City

The CDA – Cebu Extension Office reserves the right to reject any or all Quotations/Proposals, to waive any minor defects therein, to annul the bidding process, to reject all Quotations/Proposalsat any time prior to contract award, without thereby incurring any liability to the affected Bidder(s), and to accept only the offer that is most advantageous to the Government.

The CDA – Cebu Extension Office assumes no responsibility whatsoever to compensate or indemnity Bidders for any expenses incurred in the preparation of their Quotation/Proposal.

Attorney III and Chairperson
Bids and Awards Committee

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