A Detour from Litigation: Mediation and Conciliation Training-Workshop for Cooperatives

CDA Region VIII successfully conducts Training-Workshop on Cooperative  Mediation and Conciliation on October 12, 2023. The whole-day activity was led by CRITS in collaboration with  the Legal Section in conducting  mediation and conciliation training  workshop to participants from  various cooperatives. The objective of this training workshop is to stress the significance of mediation to the coop officers and to arm them with the essential tools and knowledge to steer mediation proceedings in their  respective cooperatives. 

As what Atty. Carias, CDA Region VIII Legal Officer has pointed out to the  participants, litigation comes with a heavy consequence of possibly immortalizing  misconduct of erring coop officers through publicized Supreme Court decision. 

To avoid this scenario, it is essential that the cooperatives have an effective  conduct of mediation and conciliation at their level. The event started with collecting of expectations from the participants, to the  discussion of alternate dispute  resolution, the mediation process, and  the practical exercises where  participants from different  cooperatives were grouped into three  and made to present mock mediation  and conciliation proceedings by team. The third team was recognized  as the top presenter and was  presented with certificates of award  for applying their knowledge during  their team’s presentation.

During this activity,  participants were also given the  platform to share their ideas and  experiences in mediation. One  med-con officer shared as a side  comment that conflicts arising  from unpaid loans are more  peaceful and quite as compared  to those which arises from  gossips. Now, this is a noteworthy  insight from actual experience. Participants likewise expressed their appreciation and  committed to utilize the same whenever needed during mediation proceedings.  

The CDA’s commitment to providing additional guidance and resources surely  did enhance the understanding of the participants in the practical application of the  mediation process, thereby ensuring that they are well-prepared to engage in the  actual mediation process. 

Overall, the training activity was a success. The CDA team undertakes to  prepare a more engaging environment in the next mediation and conciliation workshop  to test the ability of the participants in facing such possible scenarios.