The Palo Local Government Unit, the Cooperative Development Authority, the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority, and other government agencies attended the
unveiling and blessing of the Palo Technical Education and Skills Development Center and the Palo Livelihood Food Processing and Packaging Center on July 25, 2023. In conjunction with this, the CDA ceremonially issued nineteen (19) Certificates of Registration (COR) to micro businesses structured as cooperatives in order to achieve long-term economic growth and viability. At the same time, the cooperatives professed an oath of duty and pledged to maintain and promote cooperativism in the community. The Authority applauds the CDA and LGU Palo front-liners' ongoing collaboration efforts for a successful transformation of diverse individuals to legal organizations.

The CDA Region VIII Extension Office, represented by active Regional Director Dir Venus M. Jornales, expresses heartfelt greetings, admiration, and support to everyone involved in the realization of one of the LGU-Palo initiatives. She mentioned the presence of partner government agencies in her message and commended their efforts for the successful conduct. Consequently, the registration process was tedious and required a great deal of attention. Because the LGU is committed to its constituents, one of its responsibilities is to maintain the viability of cooperatives in its jurisdiction. As such, the programs relative thereto are supported with CDA Executive Order calling all LGUs and government agencies for cooperative promotion. She, too, expressed gratitude and expressed her delight at the launching activity, emphasizing the cooperative organization's role as partners in the community's socioeconomic development and nation building. She went on to say that the CDA will continue to support the forty-three (43) founded cooperatives in Palo through technical assistance, mandatory capability enhancement trainings, and support for further cooperative operations. The CDA seeks continuous support from the LGU-Palo on the resources required to capacitate these cooperatives. She concluded her statement by wishing Palo a bright future and mentioning its adage, “Dukwag Panginabuhi ha Palo” Message of Support for the activity were also

 heard from notable public officials. Hon. L. Governor Jericho “Icot” Petilla expressed his satisfaction at the development of the two facilities. The newly opened training center will not only teach constituents skills, but will also prepare them to be effective employees and/or entrepreneurs. He stressed that the LGU does not aim abrupt one hundred percent success rate; a mere fifty percent as a starting point is already a commendable achievement. The facilitators must ensure that these facilities produce effective graduates who will thereafter be employed or entrepreneurs, reflecting the program's core goal. To guarantee that government resources are not wasted, the program must focus on graduation and employment. He concluded by acknowledging the Mayor of Palo on the achievements of their project and promising constant support to the LGU and its partner agencies.

Hon. Mayor Remedios “Matin” L. Petilla also expressed her gratitude, support, and appreciation to the organized cooperatives, collaborating government agencies, and key personnel who went above and beyond their duties to facilitate registration and materialization of LGU Palo initiatives in collaboration with TESDA Region VIII and CDA Region VIII. The fruitful activity ended with food tasting of the products of the cooperatives followed by an early dinner.

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