CDA Financial Assistance to Coconut Farmer Cooperatives thru CFIDP Program

At 10:00 in the morning, January 24, 2023 at Hotel de Fides, Tacloban City, 11 Farmer  Cooperatives attended the Briefing Conference for Coconut Farmer Cooperative Program  Beneficiaries in the implementation of the Coconut Farmers and Industry Development  Plan (CFIDP). Mr. Rowan L. Delos Santos, Sr. CDS of the Cooperative Project and  Development Assistance Section (CPDAS) oriented the participants of the cooperative  beneficiaries about the program mechanics of the Financial Assistance of the CFIDP.  

Acting Sr. CDS of Registration Ms. Grace Mapanao also shared to the group the  registration process of the Cooperative Federation to them, having same line of business,  to be organized for additional capacity training under the program of CFIDP to undertake  business activities in support of its member – cooperatives.  

At about 1:30 pm, the Cooperative Development Authority headed by its officials  Chairman Usec. Joseph B. Encabo, ASEC. Myrla B. Paradillo, Head Human Services:  Health, Housing, Workers, and Labor Service Cluster, ASEC. Pendatun B. Disimban, Head  Consumers, Marketing, Producers, and Logistics Cluster, ASEC. Abad L. Santos, Head  Public Utilities: Electricity, Water, Communications and Transport Cluster, ASEC.  Abdulsalam A. Guinomla, Head Education, Advocacy and Union Cluster, ASEC. Virgilio R.  Lazaga, M.D, Head Agriculture, Agrarian, Aquaculture, Farmers, Dairy, and Fisherfolk  Cluster, DA Ray R. Elevazo, Deputy Administrator together with the CDA Region VIII  personnel under the leadership of Acting Regional Director Venus M. Jornales conducted  the Awarding of Financial Assistance to the eleven (11) Coconut Farmer Cooperatives of  Region VIII with the theme “Malakas na Kooperatiba, Nagkakaisang Magsasaka, Malakas  na Industriya.” 

Under RA No. 11524, the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) is one among the  agencies identified to implement the organization and empowerment of coconut farmer  organizations and their cooperatives. CDA’s commitment in the Coconut Farmers and  Industry Development Plan (CFIDP) is to organize strong and self- sufficient coconut  farmers’ cooperatives operating viable agribusiness enterprise/s, providing tangible  economic opportunities and benefits to its member –coconut farmers, and adhering with  the principles of cooperativism. Part of this commitment includes the granting of financial  assistance to the qualified farmer cooperatives. After thorough evaluation, CDA has  chosen 11 coconut farmer cooperatives under the program. 

The financial assistance was awarded to the eleven (11) Coconut Farmer Cooperatives,  to wit: 

  1. Binibihan Agriculture Cooperative (BAC), Brgy. Binibihan, Carigara, Leyte 2. Maripipi Multipurpose Cooperative (MMPC), Poblacion, Maripipi, Biliran 3. Nava Settlers Multipurpose Cooperative (NSMPC), Brgy. Nava, Hinunangan,  Southern Leyte
  2. San Francisco Multipurpose Cooperative (SFMPC), Market Site, Ubos, San  Francisco, Southern Leyte 
  3. ORSIDMA Farmers Producers Cooperative, Rizal St., Purok 4, Oquendo Poblacion,  Oquendo District 
  4. Hibubullao Multipurpose Cooperative (HIMPC), Brgy. San Jose, Catubig, Northern  Samar 
  5. Canila Agrarian Reform Cooperative (CARC), Brgy. Canila, Biliran, Biliran 8. Pinangumhan Agrarian Reform Cooperative (PARC) Brgy. Pinangumhan, Biliran,  Biliran 
  6. Pangkaunlarang Kilusan ng Taga Catmon Agrarian Reform Cooperatives (PAKITACARCO), Brgy. Catmon, Naval Biliran 
  7. Almeria Agrarian Reform Cooperative (ARCO), Brgy. Iyusan, Almeria, Biliran 11.Bonoy Farmers Agriculture Cooperative (BOFACO), Brgy. Bonoy, Matag-ob, Leyte,  Leyte. 

Each of the Farmer Cooperative Beneficiary received the financial assistance of Two  Hundred Fifty Thousand Pesos (P250,000.00) from the CFIDP fund as part of the  significant commitment for the organization and empowerment of coconut farmers  through cooperatives. 

Under the Region VIII Program Components of the Coconut Farmers and Industry Plan,  CDA is tasked to conduct intensive cooperative organizing activities and social preparation  through a series of trainings and facilitate cooperative registration and other technical  assistance. CDA will conduct capacity building training on Cooperative Management and  Enterprise Development. It will help implement support mechanisms and facilitate the  livelihood assistance extended by Philippine Coconut Authority to them. These services  will be made available to eligible farmers’ organizations and cooperatives registered in  the NCFRS registry who are recipients of the shared facilities and farm improvement  program. RD Venus M. Jornales warmly welcomed the guests, participants and the partner  agencies present during the event. The financial grants awarded to the Coconut Farmer  Cooperatives is a beautiful blessing according to her. CDA being one of the  implementing agencies really put its best foot forward in the implementation for the  realization of this project. The financial grants will help the cooperative to become  progressive through the CFIDP.

Chairman USEC. Joseph B. Encabo, in his inspirational message acknowledged everyone  present in the venue. He shared the journey of CDA as one of the implementing agencies  in the implementation of the CFIDP as he is proud to share with the group that among  the 16 agencies included in the development plan, CDA is the first one to implement the  program of CFIDP in the first year implementation. He encourages CDA personnel to even  work harder to assist and provide for the benefit of the coconut farmer cooperatives and  towards their members. He mentioned that in the 3rd year of implementation of the CFIDP, Region VIII will be a recipient of a processing plant that will benefit all the coconut farmers  in the Region. He encourages the coconut farmer cooperatives to federate and that  officers of the federation will be the persons to guide in the operation of the processing  plant so that many more members of the cooperative can avail and benefit from it.

Philippine Coconut Authority, Regional Manager Joel Pilapil and other PCA personnel were  in full support of the program. In the event also was Department of Trade and Industry,  Chief of Staff/Supervising Trade Officer, Mr. Pedro Bimbo B. Tan, who expresses the  agency’s support to CDA . Philippine Information Agency, Regional Head, Ms. Cheryl B.  Amor and from the Commission on Audit, Mr. Algin C. Cirera, and Mr.Ralph Amodia, the  resident auditors of the CDA graced the event also.

In closing, CDA Region VIII extends its heartwarming thanks to the CDA Officials, Partner  Agencies, Coconut Farmer Cooperatives for the success of the activity. This activity – the  granting of financial assistance is an inspiration to everyone and indeed a beautiful  blessing especially to the coconut farmer cooperative beneficiaries as this will help them  to grow their cooperative operation and be more progressive.