CDA’s ‘COC on Wheels’: Driving Compliance and Empowering Cooperatives

In a bid to strengthen the cooperative sector and promote adherence to regulatory standards, the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) has launched “COC on Wheels,” An innovative and dynamic intervention program designed to address compliance issues among non-compliant Micro and Small cooperatives. The heart of the program lies in its diverse range of combined hand holding and technical assistance services tailored to meet the specific needs of non-compliant cooperatives. The mobile intervention is a deliberate effort to reach varied places, guaranteeing that cooperatives, regardless of their geographical location, have access to the assistance they seek. With a prepared array of technical assistance services, the regional team of the CDA Region VIII Extension Office conducted regions’ first-ever COC on Wheels at Naval, Biliran from February 6 – 9, 2024, reviving on-site a total of five (5) non-compliant cooperatives and one (1) ongoing assistance.

Mandatory Training for Cooperative Officers 

Recognizing the importance of knowledgeable leadership, COC on Wheels offered Fundamentals of Cooperatives and Cooperative Management and Governance Training for the cooperative officers. The conduct aims to enhance their understanding on the basics of cooperativism, its nature, principles, regulations, governance practices, and the essentials of effective cooperative management.


Mandatory Reports Preparation, ECoopris and CAIS Encoding

One of the hurdles for non-compliant cooperatives is the preparation of mandatory reports. “COC on Wheels” steps in to provide guidance and assistance in ensuring that cooperatives can navigate the complexities of reporting requirements seamlessly. As we adapt to digitization, modernizing cooperative operations, the initiative also facilitates the encoding of essential information into platforms like ECoopris and CAIS, streamlining data management processes and improving overall efficiency.

Bookkeeping and On-site Audit Cooperatives receive guidance on practices in
bookkeeping, empowering them to keep transparent and reliable financial accounts. To ensure a hands-on approach, the program conducts on-site audits through the expertise of Cooperative External Auditor Conceso S. Arreola. This enables a thorough assessment of
compliance levels, allowing for targeted interventions and corrective measures as needed.

Issuance of Certificate of Compliance

Once the necessary requirements are met, cooperatives are issued a Certificate of Compliance, signifying their commitment to regulatory standards. “COC on Wheels” goes beyond mere compliance – it is a catalyst for the empowerment of the cooperative sector. By equipping cooperative officers with knowledge, providing practical assistance, and recognizing compliance efforts through certification, the program contributes to the overall growth and sustainability of cooperatives.

The “COC on Wheels” is set to visit five more provinces in the region beginning February to March of 2024.