Quezon City, November 17, 2023 – In a momentous occasion marked by pride and honor, the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) Region VIII Extension Office garnered not just one, but two distinguished awards at the 18th CPAPC Acheivement Awards. The event saw the esteemed presence of Director Venus M. Jornales and Acting Assistant Director Maripaz M. Del Pilar who received the awards, accompanied by the honorable Usec. Joseph B. Encabo, Asec. Myrla B. Paradillo, Asec. Abdulsalam A. Guinomla, Asec. Pendatun B. Disimban, and Asec. Vergel M. Hilario.

The 18th CPAPC served as a platform to recognize and celebrate the exceptional contributions and efforts of the regional offices in the realm of cooperative development. The event highlighted the region’s commitment to excellence, teamwork, and dedication to its mission.

Regional Excellence

The notable achievement for CDA Region VIII was the receipt of two awards. The Most Compliant Regional Extension Office (2nd Place) and the Best Performing Regional Extension Office (4th Place) accolades underscored the region’s unwavering commitment to fostering cooperative growth and sustainability.

What makes this achievement truly remarkable is that CDA Region VIII stands as the sole region to clinch two awards of excellence during the 1st to 3rd Quarter of 2023. This historic accomplishment not only sets the region apart but also underscores its consistent dedication to pushing the boundaries of success.

Gratitude and Acknowledgment

In the spirit of unity and acknowledgment, CDA Region VIII extends heartfelt gratitude to every member of Team CDA 8 who played an integral role in this resounding success. The collective dedication and hard work of each personnel have proven instrumental in attaining these accolades.

A Call to Uphold Values

As CDA Region VIII bask in the glory of our achievements, let us not forget the values that propelled us to this pinnacle of success. Teamwork, collaboration, and coordination have been the cornerstones of the region’s journey. Let these virtues continue to guide us as we set our sights on even greater heights in the future. The 18th CPAPC Achievement Awards signify more than just recognition; they mark a commitment to excellence that CDA Region VIII pledges to uphold. As we celebrate these victories, let us also renew the dedication to the cooperativism, ensuring that our endeavors continue to uplift communities and create a lasting impact.

In closing, congratulations are for CDA Region VIII, a beacon of excellence in cooperative development. May this achievement inspire and motivate to reach new horizons and continue making a positive difference in the lives of those cooperatives the region serves. Together, let us continue to build a future of cooperative success, driven by passion, collaboration, and unwavering commitment.