I. Exploring Cooperative Frontiers: RCO VIII’s Finance Cluster Elects New Leaders

The Regional Cooperatives Cluster (RCO) VIII Finance Cooperatives Cluster recently conducted its Election of Officers on April 16, 2024. The event, held with enthusiasm and anticipation, marked a significant moment in the cluster’s history as members gathered online via Zoom to elect their leaders for the upcoming term. The election process, characterized by transparency and fairness, commenced with the nomination of candidates for various positions within the Finance Cooperatives Cluster. After the votes were tallied, the results of the election were announced, unveiling the newly elected officers who would spearhead the Finance Cooperatives Cluster in the coming term. Their dedication to serving the cooperative and its members was evident as they accepted their roles with humility and determination.

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II. Navigating Cooperative Horizons: Oath Taking of the Newly-Elected Officers of RCO VIII Finance Cluster.

Following the election, the Oath-Taking Ceremony took place on May 22, 2024, which was not just a ceremonial event; it was a poignant moment that signified the dawn of a new era for the Regional Cooperative Office VIII (RCO VIII) Finance Cluster. With a spirit of dedication and a pledge of service, the newly elected officers stepped forward to embrace their responsibilities, underlining their commitment to the cooperative movement.

Addressing the gathering, Ma’am Venus M. Jornales, Regional Director of the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA), delivered her opening remarks, setting the tone for the proceedings. With grace and eloquence, she articulated the significance of the occasion, acknowledging the importance of the moment and the  solemn  duties   that lie ahead.  Asec. Luz H. Yringco, CDA Board Member and Finance Cluster Head, administered the Oath of Office to the newly elected officers, symbolizing their commitment to service and leadership. Each member recited the oath, affirming their dedication to upholding the values and principles of the cooperative movement while striving for the betterment of the finance sector within the region.

Asec. Yringco, in her capacity as Finance Cluster Head, delivered an Inspirational Message infused with pertinent updates, inspiring attendees to embrace their roles with dedication and vision. Her invaluable expertise and leadership served as a source of inspiration for the members, encouraging them to pursue excellence and innovation in their endeavors. Mr. Mark B. Mapanao, Sr. CDS – Supervision and Examination Section, provided attendees with updates from the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA), ensuring members were informed about relevant developments and initiatives.

Mr. Jacinto A. Tilbe, RCO VIII Finance Cluster President, delivered a Message reflecting on the cooperative’s journey and expressing gratitude for the opportunity to serve as president. He also shared insights, best practices, and strategies to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of finance cooperatives within the region. Ms. Maripaz M. Del Pilar, CDA Region 8 Acting ARD, delivered Closing Remarks, expressing appreciation for the successful event and encouraging continued collaboration and growth within the cooperative sector.

The meeting concluded on a high note, with renewed enthusiasm and determination among the members to collaborate closely with Asec. Luz H. Yringco and one another to advance the goals of the Finance Cooperatives Cluster and the cooperative movement as a whole. Undoubtedly, the Finance Cooperatives Cluster’s 2024 Election of Officers and Oath-Taking Ceremony marked a significant milestone in the journey towards cooperative development and empowerment in Region VIII.