Clients Technical Assistance Extended with ECoopClip

Stepping it up a notch, the Cooperative Development Authority Region VIII  Extension Office administered its first-ever virtual client customer service through the  Electronic Cooperative Clinique Program (ECoopCLiP) on March 10, 2023. In attendance  were clients from the cooperative sector all over the region and Cooperative Development  Officers (CDOs) from different Local Government Units (LGUs). This half-day activity  catered to a total of thirty-one clients with varying concerns related to registration,  compliance to mandatory reports, issuance of Certificate of Compliance and legal advice. 

The ECoopClip is CDA’s way to deliver a level of service that is not different from  face-to-face interaction. It aims to answer clients’ inquiries through virtual consultancy,  saving them from spending long traveling hours going to the regional office. The program  works by having clients join a virtual platform, redirecting them to a breakout room with a  standby CDA personnel to connect with and respond to their queries. With ECoopClip,  clients can even stay at the comforts of their offices, while being able to do business.