In line with the CDA’s newly implemented online systems wherein the updating of cooperative information shall now be done via the Electronic Cooperative Registration Information System (E-CoopRIS), and the submission of Mandatory Reports for FY 2021 through the Cooperative Assessment Information System (CAIS), the CDA RO 8 initiated to guide the cooperatives in the region through the process. As such, the office invited the cooperatives using a registration link for them to be scheduled for face-to-face technical assistance beginning April 11, 2022. 

The 1st day of the series on April 20, 2022, was participated by 25 compliance officers/ bookkeepers of cooperatives for the face-to-face attendance, and 73 cooperatives attended via Zoom. These write shops aim to: (i) guide the cooperatives on how to access and use the new online systems of the CDA; (ii) allow the cooperatives to update their cooperative information using the E-CoopRIS and further proceed to the encoding and submission of their 2021 annual mandatory reports through the CAIS for the issuance of their Certificate of Compliance (COC) for this year, 2022; and, (iii) create awareness for the cooperatives on the use of the new CDA online platforms via the internet thereby minimizing face-to-face transactions in the future.

Since the CDA RO 8 has conducted a series of overviews and orientations on the new systems last February 11,15, and 28, 2022, and workshops to cooperatives using test sites last March 24-25, 2022 to help them acclimatize on the use of the online systems, hands-on applications on these will be realized through these write shop series.

The facilitators are the personnel from the Registration Section, the Supervisory and Examination Section (SES), and the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Unit of the CDA RO 8. The venue for these activities is at the Conference Hall of the CDA RO 8 office since the facilities needed like internet connection are available and accessible aside from having it as a way of minimizing expenses, at the same time maximizing the resources the office has.

The activity resulted and hopefully will continue to have the positive acceptance of the cooperatives of the new online systems. “This is actually a very convenient way of submitting our annual mandatory reports to the CDA”, shared by the Compliance Officer of the Divine Mercy MPC, the first cooperative in the region to submit reports via CAIS. “An almost paperless submission of reports”, added by the Samar MPC (SAMICO). Though, it is inevitable to experience some setbacks in the process, at the end of the day, it is the convenience and the constructive adaptation to the new e-services of CDA that will prevail.