CDA Region IX EO

2nd Floor, Bance Bldg., P. Urro St., San Jose District, Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur, 7016



The Covid19 crisis put the country to an unprecedented standstill and uncertainty yet it generated a whole new window of opportunity for individuals and groups both from the public and private sector to serve and show kindness.

When the community quarantine was extended, families whose livelihood were suspended, received the hardest hit. Fortunately, the seeds of kindness sown by some cooperatives caused rippling effect which led to more and more cooperatives going out of their way to provide for their members’ basic needs, and support the government through constant aid extended to their communities.

In region 9, more cooperative leaders were defying the odds and braving the pandemic, by giving out cash or relief assistance to coop members, many were even delivered at their doorstep. Members of their community also received similar assistance with special care to destitute families in rural areas, the urban poor, the frontliners, health workers, vendors, drivers, and stranded students and some assistance was also extended to health and treatment facilities and hospitals, documented below. by E.M.A