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2021 Gawad Success Story

The 2021 CDA Gawad in the Cordillera has been record in history with the most number of cooperatives participating. It is well participated in all the categories with two cooperatives in the micro category, two in the small category, six in the medium category, four in the large millionaire category, and two in the large billionaire category.  The total of sixteen cooperatives, the biggest number of participating cooperatives, in the CDA Gawad Parangal is a successful representation in all the categories because  wide dissemination and campaign in partnership with the Local Government Units (LGUs) through their Cooperatives Development Offices.

There were sixteen cooperatives that successfully complied with the pre-qualification criteria at the Regional Level. These cooperatives, despite the difficulty in filing their report, were able to submit on time. This compliant attitude has earned them a certificate of recognition in this yearly activity of the Cooperative Development Authority. Aside from being compliance, their total contribution to community development and nation building are feats of recognizing their effort in improving their members’ quality of life.

The successful participating cooperatives were qualified based on the CDA prequalification criteria. The screened the participating cooperatives have at least 3% liquidity rate, have no pending cases, those that are not late in reporting and complied with all the CDA required reports needed for a cooperative to be granted of the Certificate of Compliance.

Upon prequalifying the participating cooperatives, these sixteen cooperative have to pass the scrutiny of the Regional Selection Committee (RSC) composed of the Department of Interior and Local Government, the Land Bank of the Philippines, Department of Agriculture, Department of Agrarian Reform, Department of Trade and Industry, and representative from the Academe. The validation and evaluation of the Selection Committee has provided an opportunity for the partner-agencies to find out how the participating cooperatives really contributed to economic and social development of the people and the communities. Upon the successful selection, the representatives from the different partner-agencies was converted as the Regional Board of Judges as follows:


  1. Kathleen Grace E. Bang-asan – LBP, RBOJ Member
  2. Andrea L. Tactay – DTI, RBOJ Member
  3. Atty. Rashid D. Lokines – BSU RBOJ Member
  4. Dr. Leonardo Apilis – BSU
  5. Bable G. Adnol – DILG, RBOJ Member
  6. Leticia S. Cayanos – CDA, RSC Chairperson
  7. Atty. Franco G. Bawang – CDA, RBOJ Chairperson

Cooperatives participating in this 2021 CDA Gawad Parangal that successfully garnered the threshold in the different category are:

Micro Category with at least 60%:

  1. Mabaca Balbalan Marketing Cooperative
  2. Gunaban Ayonao Development Organization (GADO) Credit Coop

Small Category with at least 65%:

  1. Northern Luzon Diocesan Employees MPC

Medium Category with at least 70 %

  1. Tawangan Agrarian Reform Community Multipurpose Coop
  2. Holy Trinity Cathedral Multipurpose Cooperative
  3. Marie Eugenie Cooperative Development Center (MECDC)

Large M with at least 75%

  1. Besao Multipurpose Cooperative
  2. Moog Baguio Credit Cooperative

Large B with at least 80%

  1. Baguio-Benguet Community Credit Cooperative
  2. Lagawe Multipurpose Development Cooperative (LMDC)

Cooperatives participating in the different categories have at least two in each category except for the small category. These participating cooperatives garnering the threshold to qualify at the national level CDA Gawad Parangal were at once forwarded as CDA-CAR entry at the national level. Recognition of winners was done after the Regional Selection Committee came up with the final winners and formal recognition will be during the culminating activity of the Regional Cooperative.