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Best Practices of Thanksgiving Multipurpose Cooperative


1. Membership opened to the children and youth through the TMPC-Laboratory Coop where youth and children are being trained to become future leaders and successors of the
cooperative, and serve as training ground for leadership skills. The activities includes training skills such as Drum and lyre, computer training and activities such as poster making contest, essay writing contest and others.
2. The coop joined / affiliated with various training providers and conduct in-service trainings for its officers and members. This ensures the smooth flow of the cooperative management, sustainable development and coop’s compliance to authority.
3. Practice of Cedula (community Tax Certificate) as requirement for loaning. This is in turn, will help the barangay collect taxes from the community for the improvement of the municipality. It was only when the coop required this in loaning that community people were forced to get their cedula.
4. Hospitalization and medical benefit – This benefit is given to members in good standing and who are hospitalized due to sickness, accident or those undergoing continuous medical treatment.
5. Death aid – covers members who are in good standing and their qualified beneficiaries.
Claims should be availed within three months from the death of the member/beneficiary.
6. Wedding gift – cash gift given to members getting married. This gift can be availed within two months from the date of wedding.
7. Yearly Christmas Gift to members. – This is availed by good standing members only, whereby bad standing members are encouraged to settle their obligations on time and try not to be fined so as to avail of the gifts amounting to 500.00.
8. Coop Uniform – Given to all coop members before the annual general assembly.
9. Insurance for member’s loan. This ensures that all loans are protected and insured. This will help the cooperative not to be loss if someone dies with big sum of loans. It will also help the family members of the borrowers because the insurance company will be the one to pay the member’s debt in times of death or permanent disability of the member borrower.
10. Coop awards given to outstanding and performing cooperative members. This includes no delinquency awards, prompt payer, highest interest paid, Mr. and Mrs. TMPC award,
UtangBayad-UtangBayad, Highest purchaser of groceries, all cash purchaser, Loyalty award and others. This boosts the morale of the outstanding member performer’s better, and encourages the non-performers to try to achieve better by doing their obligation as a

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