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Evolution of Branches

Separating, Transforming and Turning-around (STT) is an inevitable process for cooperatives to introduce developmental course to their branches. In TAMPCO, the needed transformation of their branches is just a way to serve better and efficiently its member-owners in the far-flung farming villages.

A thanksgiving mass led by Fr. Charie Sumbad in celebrating TAMPCO RIZAL BRANCH 5TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY. TAMPCO is a brainchild of the Church of St. Thomas, an Anglican church of the Episcopal Diocese of Northern Luzon. TAMPCO’s staffs from the branch and main listens intensely and prayerfully.

Tabuk Multi-Purpose Cooperative (TAMPCO), a billionaire cooperative has conducted separate celebrations on June 9 and 11 for its two branches that transformed their branches in Quezon and Rizal branches into their full and independent operations. The enabling policy direction in branching through CDAMC 2015-11 on branching; CDAMC 2016-05 on Satellite; and CDAMC 2020-17 on Closure, Transfer and Conversion of satellite into branch and vice versa, these social and economic dynamism of cooperatives are crucial in CDA’s aim of pursing its constitutional mandate of fostering cooperatives as a means to promote social justice and equitable distribution of wealth. In like manner, this economic direction of Philippines cooperatives is aligned with the ICA vision of 2020 that cooperatives are the acknowledged leader in economic social and environment sustainability; that cooperatives is the preferred alternative business structure of the people; and that cooperatives are the fastest growing enterprise.