Room 411, 4th Floor Annex Building, Lyman Ogilby Centrum, 358 Magsaysay Avenue, Baguio City

ONLINE General Assembly

Despite the indefinite holding of General Assembly among primary cooperatives, the Excite Credit Cooperative, an institutional cooperative among CDA-CAR employees held its virtual General Assembly on July 3, 2020. The underlying factor of holding the General Assembly was for the member-owners to exercise their power in approving their Development plan that is composed of economic development plan and social development plan. The draft Development Plan was presented and ratified through referendum process. Another power of the General Assembly that was pressing is the election of officers; through google form ballot, the member-owners were able to elect the officers. The ballot was emailed immediately to each member just after the meeting to vote on the nominees who were nominated during the virtual GA. Proposed amendments on the ACBL were ratified through referendum.

The virtual GA was cheaper and smooth sailing than the regular or normal face to face general assembly as there is no expense for meals and snacks. The smooth sailing virtual GA was basically an exercise of the democratic process in order for member not to be sidelined on their ownership. It was manageable and at least provided an avenue for members to feel their ownership of their cooperatives and to slow down whatever perceived disadvantageous acts of impunity there may be.

The virtual General Assembly followed the dynamics before a cooperative hold its General Assembly. Before the virtual GA, officers have to draft the Development presented for clarification and followed by the ratification process. On the election process, nomination was the process and google forms were used as ballot in electing the nominees. Election through google forms was very fair as attempt for vote padding was rejected by google. – Martin B. Manodon, Sr. CDS, CRITS (CAR).