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“We cannot be mere consumers of Good Governance; we must be participants; we must be co-creators.” – Rohini Nilekani

Aimstaff Multi-Purpose Cooperative, was duly organized on February 25, 2009 under the virtues of Republic Act No. 9520 and by the common desire of its members to provide equal employment and development opportunities to Filipinos. Moreover, it aims to help improve the quality of life of its members and its community by teaching them a wide spectrum of efficient and effective ways of doing things in accordance to a Cooperative manner. COOPERATIVISM!

Since it has started, Aimstaff Multi-Purpose Cooperative, strictly abides to the regulatory compliances, policies, and purposes of why the Cooperatives began to exist in this Nation. Concretely, part of this dedication is by thriving in giving importance to the essence of Good Governance, whether within its operations, programs and activities, and social community development. Aimstaff strongly believes that sound governance policies should provide for functional methods of measurement and monitoring, as well as accurately defining the roles and responsibilities of its leaders to lead in accordance to the goals and objectives of the Cooperative.

Aimstaff understands that Good Governance is not always about making the correct decisions and policies. It should always center on creating the best possible process for the finalization and implementation of such policies and decisions. Hence, the following are the measures that Aimstaff have adapted to ensure that best practices are always observed in the conduct of Cooperative Governance:

  • Consultative Policy Formulation and Performance Review and Evaluation – The Board of Directors, Committees, and the Management Staff have established their own definite timetable to periodically review and revisit the existing policies. The review is open for consultation with the other Committees, Departments and Members to ensure that the policies and regulations always consider and adapt to the actual needs and wellness of the majority, and therefore, abide to the necessary Government mandated policies.
  • Observance of proper procedures ­during the conduct of meetings, whether within the Board of Directors, Committees, or to Members. All concerned parties are encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas in order to measure the actual pros and cons of each agenda. Suitable feedback mechanisms are established and feedbacks are immediately processed, evaluated and addressed.
  • Committed to perform Quality Service Systems by conducting the following:
    • Compliance to the policies and regulations and timely submission of the required reportorial by the CDA and other Government regulatory bodies such as DOLE, SSS, & BIR. By doing this, members of the Cooperative and its community will be assured that it operates legally.
    • Ensure that the existing formulated policies and regulations are being precisely oriented and discuss to Members. Strict observance to the due process for erring Officers and Members.
    • Affiliations with Unions and Cooperative Council to learn new trends and development in the socio-economic aspect to be much more competitive, flexible and transformative while at the same time retaining the essence of Cooperativism.
    • Implementation of Gender and Development programs which aim to eliminate gender biases which is clearly manifested through stereotyping and socialization, unbalanced tasks-assignment, and marginalization between Men and Women, and also to the members of the LGBT. As mentioned, Aimstaff is committed to provide equal employment opportunities and character development to whatever gender its members belong.
    • Conduct of extra-curricular activities such as Team Building, Lakbay-Aral, Seminars and Workshops and Occasion Gatherings with Officers and Members to boost their knowledge and Character Development. Leaders equipped with necessary knowledge and values will be able to live up to the principles and purpose of the Cooperative and inspire the members to bring out the best in them. Hence, becoming a better person which is pivotal to the Community Development.
    • Execution of different charitable works centered to the goal of helping and fulfilling the current needs of its members and community. This includes giving of medical supplies such as Alcohols, Face Masks, Face Shields, and financial assistance during the pandemic.


  • Presence of clearly defined roles and responsibilities of Officers, Members, and Staff. With a precise understanding of what to do and what to expect within each Officer and Committee, a good working relationship has been established within and outside the corners of Aimstaff Officers and Members.

With the evidence provided, Aimstaff is still committed, not only to maintain, but is also continuously seeking to achieve improvement within its Governance guidelines and procedures. Rest assure that whatever happens in the near future, Aimstaff will always live to its goals and aspirations, which is the desire to provide sustainable and holistic growth to its members, in order for them to become a better person in the society.