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Cooperatives in Action

As COVID-19 pandemic continuously affects the global scenario, the cooperative sector in the Philippines is also incessantly doing its part in combatting this dreadful enemy. In Makati City, among the cooperatives which took part in heeding the call for social responsibility is the PLDT Employees Credit Cooperative (PECCI). Herein is the report of the cooperative secretary on the activities they conducted and the utilization of their Community Development Fund (CDF):
Cooperatives are now at the forefront of the battle against covid-19 pandemic. The Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) heeds to the call of the government to advise the cooperatives to utilize their Community Development Fund (CDF) for projects or activities that will benefit the community where they operate.In line with this call from the CDA, PLDT Employees Credit Cooperative (PECCI) remitted additional funds of P500k to UPCM (Union of Primary Cooperatives in Makati) to support programs in response to the covid-19 pandemic to reinforce prevention, control actions and extend service to its local community.   
From the funds remitted, a substantial amount goes to Makati City LGU, as our contribution to fund programs to support the front liners and volunteers in the fight against COVID. The rest will be given to other small or micro cooperatives as “ Ayuda” to assist the members and community in their needs during these times of adversity amid the covid-19 pandemic. In the true Filipino spirit of cooperativism and compassion for the most vulnerable sectors of the society, UPCM has undertaken the various projects to serve as inspiration that underline the power of 7th Principle of Cooperatives which is “Concern for Community.”
UPCM recently launched “Ayuda Para Sa Pamilya Ng Kooperatiba” with initial distribution of food packs, groceries items and rice to 50 families belonging to Barangay Rizal Multipurpose Coop, a micro cooperative member of UPCM. 
Another recipient is the GIWU (God Is With Us) Senior Citizens and Friends Community Cooperative, a micro cooperative whose members are badly affected by the ECQ. A total of forty (40) families received the Ayuda para sa Pamilya ng Kooperatiba.