L/G Floor, Edsa Grand Residences, No. 75 Corregidor Street, Corner EDSA, Barangay Ramon Magsaysay, Quezon City 1105

DTI-CDA — CONNECTS (Convergence of NGAs to Network and Enhance Cooperative Transformation for Synergy)

“Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected” by William Plomer

CDA-NCR connects with DTI-NCR to harmonize and optimize programs on cooperative development considering the meager resources both offices have. Astoundingly, the 2-hour visitation of Regional Director Marcelina S. Alcantara, CESO IV, to the CDA-NCR office in Quezon City resulted in possible partnerships, to wit:

  1. Access of cooperatives to all programs of DTI. CDA will assist in drumbeating awareness among cooperatives to get into these programs. DTI-NCR committed to provide CDA-NCR with the infographics of its program for ease of dissemination.
  2. Fusion of Koop-Kapatid Program (KKP) and Kapatid Mentor Me (KMMe) Project. DTI-NCR consented to be included as one of the witnesses in the KKP to support the Big-Brother in possibly enrolling the Small-Brother in the KMMe. Both offices subscribed to the idea to open the project to medium and large cooperatives for possible sponsorship to package under the program.
  3. DTI-NCR approved the concept to include enrollees’ information in the registration form on membership in cooperative/s, if applicable. The intent is to help enrollees be a member of a cooperative should they intend to increase their capital and CDA is to haggle with the cooperative about the possibility of opening another loan window for DTI beneficiaries.
  4. DTI-NCR committed to be part of the Group Chat to be created by CDA-NCR should the visitation to all National Government Agencies conclude.
  5. DTI-NCR supported the move of the CDA-NCR to spearhead the conduct of activity that will convene all Regional Directors of National Government Agencies in NCR to make a covenant supporting the cooperative movement in the region.