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“In every crisis, doubt or confusion, take the higher path – the path of compassion, courage, understanding and love.” – Amit Ray

        Among our cooperatives in Quezon City who truly took this higher path mentioned by Amit Ray is the Sellers’ Cooperative or SELCO. This cooperative has exerted much efforts to be of service to their members as well as to the community in the midst of the COVID19 outbreak. Here are the details of the assistance they have extended to their beneficiaries as reported by the coop: “With the enhanced community quarantine being implemented in the country, the office of Sellers’ Cooperative (SELCO) complied with the proclamation No. 922 and had to stop its operations for the meantime. This is to ensure the safety of its employees, members and the whole community as well. Last April 19,2020, SELCO’s Vice Chairperson Mr. Hermie Laroa, Board member Ms. Vicky Francisco together with the staff Ms. Jennifer Bilog, Amalia Sunga, Guillermo Barcelo and with the help of Mr. Reynan Bilog distributed 300 food packs to its members. The team also donated food packs with gloves to the volunteer frontliners in the different checkpoints during the distribution.

Each food pack costs Php205.00 and allotted a total of Php65,000.00 from the Community Development Fund of SELCO. Aside from the food packs, Vice Chairperson Mr. Laroa, together with the staff Ms. Sunga and Mr. Barcello purchased and distributed rice as loan to the members. This is to ensure that SELCO members will have food to eat during ECQ. SELCO officers understand that during the ECQ, they will not be able to work nor earn a living. Mr. Laroa and the other officers and Board of Directors of SELCO allowed the employees for cash advance as well, for them to be able to buy food and other necessities during the ECQ. First and foremost, the welfare of its members are in the minds and hearts of SELCO officers and staff. And this is in line with the Seventh (7th) cooperative principle, which is helping the community.” #CoopsAgainstCovid19