On December 8, 2015, more than 200 representatives belonging to the roster of CDA Accredited Cooperative Training Providers or ATPs attended the 2nd National Forum organized purposely by the CDA for the ATPs in La Breza Hotel in Quezon City.

The forum was called for to provide them the latest information and issuances of the CDA relative to the Rule 7 of the Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations Implementing Certain and Special Provisions (IRR) of the Philippine Cooperative Code of 2008, otherwise known as Republic Act 9520. The Rule pertains to the training requirements of cooperatives officers. The forum also aims to discuss the Memorandum Circulars issued by the CDA for uniform interpretation and understanding of all the ATPs. This rationale was emphasized by Director Fe D. Caingles of CDA IDD in her message.

Executive Director Ray R. Elevazo of CDA presented the State of Cooperative and the compliance of cooperatives to Rule 7 of IRR of RA9520. He mentioned that for the last five (5) years of implementing the accreditation of cooperative training providers, a total of 204 Accredited Cooperative Training Providers nationwide were recorded. These are composed of 2,122 trainers or an average of 10 trainers for every ATP. (presentation attached)

To give the participants an overview of the CDA Roadmap, Chairperson Orlando R. Ravanera imparted the CDA and the cooperative sector will work hand in hand in achieving the President’s social contract with the Filipino people through empowering cooperatives and harnessing its human capital. Different strategies towards attaining sustainable development through cooperatives were presented. (presentation attached)

During the forum, the latest issuances of the Authority such as the Guidelines on the Training Requirements of the Cooperative Officers, the Prescribed Training Module, and the Revised Guidelines on the Accreditation of Cooperative Training Providers which are all intended to implement Section 5 of Rule 7 of IRR were ably discussed by Mr. Inocencio Malapit, Ms. Cherry Reyes and Ms. Melissa Santos, respectively.

Ms. Doris Teodoro, SEU head of the CDA, shared among the participants the information on the Guidelines Governing the Issuance of Certificate of Compliance, as well as the Guidelines in the imposition of Fines and Penalties for Delayed Submission of Required Regular Reports.

To thresh out issues and concerns and to clarify information, the participants were given the chance to ask questions in an open forum.

The activity was ended with an assurance that the Authority will continually strengthen its partnership and alliance with the ATPs in achieving quality delivery of education and training programs to cooperatives. – Cherry C. Reyes