CDA Outreach Program: A Public Service to the Poorest of the Poor

The CDA Central Office held its annual outreach program on December 19, 2012 this time at the Missionary Brothers of Charity, Inc. in Barangay Sauyo Novaliches, Q.C.

Founded by Mother Teresa of Calcutta in 1963 with a particular mission of “giving service to the poor”, the Missionary Brothers of Charity is present in 21 countries which mainly serves the abandoned, rejected and poorest of the poor in the society. Currently, its Philippine generelate in Quezon City houses 44 males with ages ranging from 18 to 80 years old who were abandoned by their respective families.

The able support and generosity of its employees enabled the CDA to donate 44 bags of goodies containing old clothes, slippers, toiletries for the beneficiaries as well as provide food during their visit.

The annual outreach program is an occasion for the staff to share its blessings for the past year to the less fortunate by way of sharing their time and providing them their immediate needs.