CFIDP Financial Assistance: An aid to the improvement of the Buko Trading and Processing of Matawe ARB’s and Small Coconut Farmers Marketing Cooperative

Matawe ARB’s and Small Coconut Farmers Marketing Cooperative (MAREBESMARCO) with registration number 9520-03009970 is a micro cooperative composed of 141 members with an official address at Brgy. Matawe, Dingalan, Aurora.  Barangay Matawe is located in the southern part of the municipality in Dingalan. The area is primarily agricultural to which coconut is one of the major crops being produced. 

 MAREBESMARCO is already engaged and known in the production and processing of banana chips in Dingalan. On the other hand, the majority of the cooperative members are engaged in coconut farming industry and some have skills on processing buko candy, “bukayo” and “pakumbo”. 

Through the financial grant/assistance awarded to the cooperative last 2022, they expand their operation on the production and processing of various buko products such as candy and “pakumbo”. The said assistance was used by the coop as additional capital to acquire various processing materials/ utensils, raw materials, improvement of cooking facilities, purchase of “kolong-kolong” (motorcycle with sidecar) and rehabilitation of some areas in the building. 

 As one of their members, Ms. Lovely Villagomez, said that cooking pakumbo and even the banana chips are easier and convenient because of the improvement in the cooking facility through the CFIDP assistance. Prior to the assistance, they have struggled on the cooking of products due to the inconvenience of the alternative furnace they used.

Simultaneously, they processed coco products with the banana chips at least twice a month with a conservative volume estimated to 50 pieces of buko used for both pakumbo and candy. The markets of their produce are the identified buyers within the municipality mostly by orders.  

Ms. Villagomez also added that they were very grateful that through CFIDP, the coop able to procure a “kolong-kolong” for hauling and delivery of coop’s products and inputs. 

Generally, the improvement of the processing facilities and the cooperative’s operation made possible through the CFIDP-COCOFARMCOOP Program. The cooperative has realized an increase in productivity and income levels that lead to improved livelihoods and economic stability for its members. This venture also serves as a way to give more emphasis and empower the coconut industry within the community.