Clarificatory Advisory on the Validity of Accreditation as Cooperative Training Providers of Local Cooperative Development Offices (LCDOs)

Please be advised that Local Cooperative Development Offices (LCDOs) whose accreditation as Cooperative Training Providers have expired may still conduct mandatory training for cooperatives pursuant to Republic Act No. 11535 and 11364 which granted them exemption from accreditation through CDA Memorandum dated April 20, 2022. As such they shall:

  1. Strictly adopt the cooperative training curriculum for cooperative members and officers as may be prescribed by the Authority for the purposes of standardizing the minimum knowledge and information that the cooperative officers and members need to acquire; and
  2. Ensure that only those trainers that have been submitted as comprising the pool of trainers shall be authorized to conduct the trainings.

Such exemption shall be construed as an extension of its accreditation. Hence, all CDA Extension Offices shall recognize the authority of the LCDOs to conduct mandatory trainings.

Their authority to conduct mandatory trainings shall be subject to further guidelines as may be issued by the CDA.

Approved pursuant to CDA Board Resolution No. 641, S-2023 dated August 23, 2023.

Issued this 6th day of September 2023.


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