Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) collaborates with the Office of the Alternative Dispute Resolution (OADR), forges Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) promoting Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms

The CDA, through the initiative of the Legal Affairs Service (LAS), entered into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the OADR last March 21, 2023, at the seventh floor, Conference Room of the CDA Head Office Building.

Present to sign on behalf of the CDA was Chairman and Undersecretary Joseph B. Encabo, accompanied by the Acting Administrator and Board Member, Assistant Secretary Myrla B. Paradillo. On the other hand, OADR was represented by its Executive Director Atty. Irene D. Alogoc, CESO I, together with Atty. Ali Loraine V. Manrique, Officer-In-Charge Director, OADR-Training, Accreditation, and Promotion Service.

The MOA aims to encourage, develop, and facilitate cooperative activities relevant to encouraging and promoting the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), and the development of laws, policies, and programs relevant to the field.

CDA Chairman Usec. Joseph B. Encabo welcomed the OADR’s commitment to the budding partnership between the two agencies. 

“Our purpose is clear – to provide exemplary service that protects and preserves the welfare of the cooperative sector that we serve. As advocates of the cooperative model, we believe in the strength of unity to achieve common goals. Much like our cooperatives which are a communion of diverse individuals who share a common belief: that we can achieve more together than we ever could alone,” Usec. Encabo said. 

Usec. Encabo also commended the CDA Legal Affairs Service (LAS) for cultivating collaboration with other government agencies that can bolster the Authority’s ability to achieve its mandate. “Our commitment extends beyond economic growth and sustainability; we strive to advance the public interest as well. Therefore, our actions as public officials shall be guided by strict parameters, guidelines, and policies that we meticulously observe and uphold to ensure the highest level of service,” he added.

For the Executive Director of the OADR, Atty. Irene Alogoc, CESO I, her office pledges support and vows to work together with the CDA to achieve its purpose and contribute to nation-building.

“Successful establishment of an ADR program in the conflict management system of CDA and its cooperative stakeholders will avoid unnecessary long-drawn-out disputes, unnecessary use of resources, and unwanted public scrutiny. Resolving disputes while maintaining a peaceful setting and strengthening good relations between the parties supports CDA’s mandate to promote the viability and growth of cooperatives as instruments of equity, social justice, and sustainable economic development toward greater responsiveness to the attainment of the country’s development goals.”

LAS Deputy Administrator Atty. Leah B. Banagui-Han closed the ceremonial signing by remarking how far the service’s relationship with the OADR has come from its humble beginnings during the 2022 Legal Convergence. “From the small talks during the Convergence to the numerous ADR workshops, we will always strive to imbibe the learnings from the OADR in the exercise of our functions in the Legal Service,” Atty. Banagui-Han proudly shared.

The inking of the agreement proved to be timely to reinforce the LAS and the CDA as an institution. The CDA, through the LAS – Adjudication Division, is now vested with Quasi-judicial functions pursuant to the implementation of the CDA Omnibus Rules of Procedure upon its effectivity on December 17, 2022, following its publication in the BusinessWorld.

ADR intends to prevent the clogging of dockets or the potential influx of cases in the CDA LAS – Adjudication Division, and expedite the resolution of cases in accordance with the constitutionally-guaranteed right to a speedy trial.