E-Learning for Cooperatives Now Available Online

MASS SPECC Cooperative Development Center, a CDA-accredited training provider, launched recently its e-learning program to make available cooperative courses required under Rule 7 of the IRR on the internet. It developed the program after determining in a survey that some 44% of elected and appointed officers of its affiliate cooperatives prefer the online version of the required training. Among the reasons cited for this preference is their work situation, which would require them to take leave of absence from work to attend the training.

MASS SPECC is the strongest cooperative federation in the country today serving 390 primary cooperative affiliates throughout Mindanao. It delivers its training programs, including the e-learning program, through its training unit, the Institute of Cooperative Studies (ICS).

The e-learning program is also available to non-affiliates of MASS SPECC. It is designed for individual and group learning. Lessons are available in video and PDF format, and can be studied online or downloaded for offline study. To get the certificate to qualify as cooperative officer, however, one has to take and pass the exam online and individually. A minimal fee will be charged for those who pass the exam and who require the qualifying certificate.

The required courses can be accessed through www.virtucademy.com. To access, one has to SIGN UP and fill up all information, including selecting MASS SPECC under “Organization”.