I am very grateful for having been given a chance to take part in this unique privilege of serving the Filipino people through government service. Few were given the chance to serve this institution (Cooperative Development Authority) and receiving such rare opportunity is a singular honor for me and I consider this as a crowning glory in my career.

I applied for the position because of my conviction, that it was God’s will, fate or destiny and never for power, fame nor money. As my term ends, I am proud to be an instrument in propagating the values of integrity and professionalism. In my short stay here, I was fortunate to reach out to our less privileged fellow workers.

I have dedicated the past five (5) years and four (4) months wholeheartedly serving this Office to the best of my ability. I have personally derived great pride, honor and much satisfaction serving the Cooperative Development Authority as Member of the Board of Administrators despite the enormous challenges confronting its leadership. During my term, I was privileged to work with two (2) Chairmen and one (1) CDA Officer-in-Charge; two (2) Executive Directors, one (1) Acting Executive Director, and one (1) Officer-in-Charge. Finally during my term, I witnessed the return of the Agency to its rightful place, i.e., the Office of the President under the supervision of the Office of the Cabinet Secretary.

I pledged to serve the government with love and hard work because all my efforts come from the bottom of my heart. I am very thankful to all of you for inspiring me and giving me strength and reason to accept this challenge. However, there are those whom I might have offended but, honestly, my actions were part of my responsibilities to protect the institution, and to provide guidance to those who may have stepped out of bounds. But at the end of the day, I am a friend. I hope history will judge me kindly.

I will leave without any regret nor attachment, only joy and fulfilment, that in five years and four months (or 1,950 days to be exact) that I am here, I was able to perform what I was expected to do in the fulfilment of my sworn duty as Member of the Board of Administrators which has now become a defining moment in my life.

I thank the Lord for giving me the courage and determination, that I was able to maintain my unblemished record in public service, that is, an incorruptible and unquestionable integrity! The only strength I have with me is my endearing love and care for the cooperatives.

My dear fellow beloved CDA employees, thank you for your acceptance, for the time, for listening, for the understanding, for the willingness, for the cooperation, for the kindness, for the thoughtfulness, for the accommodation, for the trust and respect, for the generosity, for the greetings, for the help and care, for the confidence, for the smiles, for the inspiration! Thank you for the love! I will be missing you for sure! Thank you for being a part of me! God bless CDA and its people!

Goodbye! Dios Mabalos!