Press Release | CDA Publishes Omnibus Rules of Procedure, 02 December 2022

The Cooperative Development Authority (CDA), under the initiative and guidance of the Legal Affairs Service, has published its Omnibus Rules of Procedure. The ten-page copy of the Rules was given a special section (Section 3/S3) in the BusinessWorld today, December 02, 2022.

The CDA framed its Omnibus Rules of Procedure for the rationalization of appropriate regulations, standards, orders, and guidelines consistent with R.A No. 9520, R.A No. 11364, and R.A 10744. Furthermore, as the lead agency tasked to handle, monitor, and assure the safe and sound operations of cooperatives, the Rules provide for a clear-cut guideline to be complied with in relation to its powers and mandate, including the proper receiving, handling, and resolution of complaints, as well as the exhaustion of available remedies.

Under Philippine laws, the CDA Omnibus Rules shall have the force and effect of law after (15) fifteen days following the completion of its publication either in the Official Gazette or in a newspaper of general circulation, unless it is otherwise provided.